Parents need to set the rules around the house.

This is a picture of my father and his first wife.

Skeeter is in the swimming pool.

Just get it.

I love speaking Spanish.

How do you like Boston?

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We have less than three minutes left.

Meeting boys is hard.

Tarmi will be back later today.


Your moon is returning.

I know it sounds familiar.

I thought you had another reason.


Ok. I knuckle down.

Do you want to hear what that person said about you?

Why do you clean the house each week?

And my hands were shaking.

Johan will get it fixed.

Wendell opened his locker.

For most Americans, "Allahu akbar" fails of the crucial connotation: "And you're not."

Every city has an imposing cathedral.

Most of you will be dead thirty years from now.

We've got to go and help them.

I was never good at figures.


They went shopping.

They're dangerous, and they have no natural predators.

Guy wrapped the package and tied it with strings.

Hey, Maurice, glad I caught you.

He dressed up and went to the kitchen.

Keep your cigarettes dry.

They must die.

I'd like to go with Conrad.

He gave me a lecture on drinking.

So, how is life in the big city?

Nothing ever seems to change around here.

Music is an outburst of the soul.

As far as I'm concerned the topic is worth discussing.


We had always been close.


A man came to see him.

Is that your own idea?

They did not agree with all of Oglethorpe's ideas.

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It seemed like you weren't interested.


Thus he succeeded in winning her heart.


Today I discovered that there's a movie called "The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!"

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

For better or worse, there is nothing to do but to leave the matter in his hands.


His mother died when he was young, and his grandmother brought him up.


Merat couldn't bear to think of it.


You've got to be kidding me.

We'll just have to see where he is.

The two teachers had an equal number of students.


Arnold finished second.


His face was sooty.

Jaime isn't very aggressive.

He didn't mean it.

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How many things did you buy?

The ship sank and all hands were lost.

He begged me to stay.


He can't speak any English at all.

Merton gave Kiki sound advice.

Sedovic doesn't make as much money as Gilles.

He was conspicuous in his suit.

Owen pulled Vickie out of the burning car.


Guess who won.


Even if it rains, I'll go swimming tomorrow.

I'm pretty hungry since I haven't eaten since early this morning.

The murder scene was a grisly sight.

I'll be back in time.

The unemployment rate in Japan was 3.4 percent in September of 2015.

He had a slight edge on his opponent.

I just got a tattoo.

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Is that what you want to do?


We're safe.

Eh, give me your cellphone's mail address.

It's quiet. Too quiet.

I am repairing the washing machine.

I never got to meet them.

I may be as bad as the worst, but, thank God, I am as good as the best.

It is the time you should be at work, isn't it?

We hit the jackpot.

I was afraid you wouldn't remember me.


He is a Parisian born and bred.

He will not get the job without someone to back him up.

I remember both of you.

What did I tell you about that?

I really appreciate everything you've done for us.


I saw your brother the other day.


Ahh, I like Lojbanic conversation.

I don't spread them on bread.

We realized it was pointless.


You authorize your workers to smoke in the office.

He is always friendly to me.

What a letdown!


She is not a good sailor.

Sassan isn't doing any harm.

Fay won't give up easily.


The scene made my stomach turn.

Help me lift this box.

Maybe I haven't explained it well.


We knew it all along.


She's unconscious, and we're stabilizing her.

I'm sure I wasn't followed.

That's an awful idea.

Alfred's answer was wrong.

His concert attracted many people.

We're both a lot older now.

Is your house far from your company?


Gregg loved the change.

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You haven't done anything wrong.

I've been there, and it's not all it's cracked up to be.

A big animal broke out of the zoo.

Susan and Andrew are still newlyweds.

To say is one thing, and to do is another.

Jeannette says that's not fair.

One stayed and the other went away.

Geoff might have a chance after all.

Nobody's seen Sri in a month.

She put on a coat.

Our plans are not yet concrete.

Darin is trying to reason with Mario.

Please keep your cynical remarks to yourself.

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I want to eat fresh fish.


Start at once, and you will be in time for school.

Anxious for a quick decision, the chairman called for a vote.

The dog lying on the grass is mine.


I had a good teacher.

I want to put this on house charge.

I was counting the sheep.

First cousins have one set of grandparents in common.

And now you wish perhaps to learn on less familiar traps?

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Yesterday we had a good evening with my brothers and friends, and a very nice barbecue.

The hyena laughs.

His writing is very subjective.

I learned French instead of German.

Bernie is a conman.


She's a wonderful wife and mother.

The robin is one of the most well-known songbirds living in the United Kingdom.

Today, I had a math test.

She opened the window so as to let the fresh air into the room.

Can you break an egg with one hand?

I'm getting in now.

The express train does not stop between Shibuya and Naka-Meguro.

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Hey, it doesn't work that way.


I was able to catch the last train.

She doesn't have many books.

There was an enormous traffic jam in downtown Kyoto.

You're real heroes.

Don't tell him that I'm here.

I heard a helicopter flying overhead.

The paper was blotted with ink.

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This is a special day, isn't it?

The economy recorded a negative growth.

He didn't press her for an explanation.


I shone a flashlight into the dark room.

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I'm the one in charge of this group.

Did you really make this by yourself?

Did you see the accident?

Those is a very smart guy.

Our school begins at eight-thirty.


Please move out of the way so this lady can go through.