It is a complete mystery what caused the accident.

The forecast rain never eventuated.

Marc always smiles at me.


Dan gave Linda the money she needed to pay off her debts.


Kyoto is famous for its shrines and temples.

How many of you are going?

He is far taller than his father is.

Gordon ran to the bathroom.

Why are you hiding from us?

Laurianne has been awfully quiet today.

Puns were found in ancient Egypt, where they were heavily used in development of myths and interpretation of dreams.

They kept the information about the military operations a secret.

This room is air-conditioned.

George is frantic.

I am the angel of death and I have come to get you all.

Many a time did he give me good advice.

Did you think that might be part of the problem?

They're all chasing her.

The reporter filed his story just before the paper went to press.

Now that you mention it, I remember he was a dashing man. I wonder how he's doing?

This shirt needs to be washed.

Algeria has borders with seven countries.

All the money was spent on clothes.


So, is your brother white?

Son, I have to talk with you. Look at your mother, George.

She added me on Facebook.

You should have done it.

You must help her.

Noam doesn't have expensive tastes.

I'm so glad to hear that.

She is herself again.

The politician's speech was offensive.

There is a shopping area nearby.

Where did I put my coat?


I'm going to my room.

That is an adjective.

I'm putting all my effort into this project.

You can't force me to marry you.

Kelly made an apple pie.

We hate opera.

Jan peeked through the blinds.

That happened about thirty years ago.

He owes me a favor.

What you are saying is very important.

What do you think really happened?

I've done everything you've asked me to do.

English paragraphs are different from Italian paragraphs.


Are you saying that you don't remember?


When they hear 'Japanese-style room,' most people probably think of a tatami room.

The golden age is before us, not behind us.

Our teacher looks very young.

Which way is out?

I couldn't help but laugh.

We'll let Suwandi prepare dinner for us tonight.

She doesn't seem to care.

"Someone farted." "It wasn't me!"

Bucky died Monday afternoon.

Tony started dating Angela five months ago.

That sounds exhausting.

I've made a decision.

I'm worried about my future.

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This really blew my mind.


Roll up your sleeve, please.

In small towns, everyone knows everything about one another.

I think I'm ready.


When did you get to know her?

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This is the first time I've swum in a lake.

Who can prevent it?

The music began again.

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I want to share it with you.

Sanjib said he wanted to take some pictures of us.

Spencer never got to meet Warren.

Amarth can understand Swahili.

That's the part I liked best.

Sedat's Japanese is improving little by little.

He is a typical Japanese.

We were looking for her.

I felt ill and was admitted to the hospital, but in the event, it was nothing serious.

I was working under snow.

I generally prefer comedies to tragedies.

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No other girl in my class is prettier than Linda.

Do you want any?

What's on your plate?

That movie was really boring.

I want to give Dwight another chance.

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Try to be concise.


"I certainly hope so." replied Sergei.

I'm happy because I am not a woman.

Bureaucracy is a giant mechanism operated by pygmies.


It is very important to stay young all time.

He's an accomplished artist.

I locked myself out of my house.

He is at her side.

I have already read the book several years ago.

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I had nobody to play with when I lived with my grandmother.

Michael, this is the restaurant where your father and I had our first date.

I do not even know where to start.

I just went to check something.

He led me to financial ruin.


I know exactly what you went through.

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Unfortunately, the ambulance arrived too late.

This desk cost me no more than 30000 yen.

It'll take no less than one hour to go there.


We're very close, and she disappeared all of a sudden.

A small, naked bulb gave the only illumination.

People react to the frustration in much the same way.

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I strongly urge you to follow my advice.

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What happened was out of Seymour's control.

You should tell Sidney you're not feeling well.

He is captain of the football team.


I wish I could speak French the way Marc does.

The truth is in front of her face.

In the night, I once again had the same dream.

She is full of potential.

A fact is, essentially, irrefutable.

Morning, Mrs. Virtanen.

Ning is the only girl I've ever loved.


Make good use of the little time given to you.

How slow you are!

I want you to stop frequenting the graveyard at night.


We were afraid that we might hurt his feelings.


I panicked and ran.

I didn't say I liked them.

The life of the city was dictated by the mine.

I've solved it.

He isn't a history major.

This food is enough for three people.

Go away. I'm busy.


Bring me the newspaper.

How did you know Nancy wasn't the thief?

That's a good reason, I guess.

I don't remember for sure.

I thought you were smart.

I knew I could trust you.

This match is a foregone conclusion. I'm not even going to watch it.

Can you see the difference?

I parked on the street in front of your house.

I don't want to lie to her.

Hank and Charlie hadn't known each other very long when they got married.

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She's in contact with all the high schools.

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Stop wasting everyone's time.


I bought a new dress.


Ragnar said he was a businessman.

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On the American flag, there's a star for every state.

Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden has been killed by US forces in Pakistan.

You're not so horrible.


That person, of whom you speak, is my sister.


Kees loves going to the spa.

I am deeply ashamed.

I've got cookies.


Everybody knows she married him for his money.

This is my choice.

The knives are covered with rust.

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If the guests don't mind, they are welcome to sleep in the basement.


Do you still want to remember her?


Daniele is a very fussy eater.

Kate went to the party to see her friends.

The instinct for survival is innate.

The sky is clear almost every day.

I will give you whatever you want.

She was too proud to ask him for help.

I know I can count on every one of you.