I personally don't care.

Giovanni can't make himself understood in French.

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Contact Tad Jackson for further details.

Have you found them?

Patrick asked Rodger to the prom.

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He was easily deceived and gave her some money.

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It was pretty shocking.


We could not help admiring the beautiful sunset.

It's such a waste.

He's not at all stupid.


He is not the rough motorcycle gang member he was before.

When did you come up with this plan?

Fill this bottle with water.

This statement-of-purpose essay has no consistency in how the points are laid out and gives a distracted impression.

Did you read it all?


I'm not afraid of death.


How are things at school?

Franklin took off his wedding ring and threw it into the pond.

I want to see Clyde hit a home run.

I must obey her.

I don't like the shape of this hat.

The cookies were delicious.

Let's not go over that again.

Victoria has made his intentions clear.

Detective Dan Anderson interviewed Linda.

No consideration is paid to people who are sensitive to chemicals.

Brush your teeth, however sleepy you are.

Steve won't talk to anyone.

Don't let him climb on the bed.

Juergen went out with his friends.

I have other matters on hand.

I'm not doing this.

Anderson asked Ralph if she liked Mexican food.

Capri is one the most beautiful islands of Italy.

How much do you know about Raphael's job?


He gave us an essay to write during the vacation.


Nothing else is important to Avery.

Jesper drinks about three liters of water a day.

I can smell what you're smelling.

I really liked her.

If he hadn't been eating while driving, he wouldn't have had an accident.


Are you an elitist?

This isn't like you.

I told the dog to stay.


That day shall come.

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It was quite a struggle for him to get this far.

Put it on one bill, please.

Hiroyuki is the one who wants to wait.

Sal and Michelle look bored.

He is not so old that he cannot work.

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The students who are occupying the administration building have threatened to kill themselves.


Simone, please go and set the table.

I don't want to tell my parents.

A travel agent will arrange an excursion to Andalusia for you.

He keeps a small poultry yard.

I don't know when this photo was taken.


I need to relax.

I should probably be writing this down.

Her ability took her to the top.

The system worked.

Just let us be.

Shel sat on the lounge chair and stared at the stars overhead.

Vadim is a community leader.

I didn't believe it.

She's a very wise mother.


The flash was reflected in the bottle.

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I am a toaster.

Her mother became mad at us.

Gods don't kill people, people with gods kill people.

Despite numerous requests by their mother, the children would not tidy up their toys.

Is bungee jumping frightening or fun?

Turn it around.

Rakhal certainly has a lot of friends in high places.

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I'll be ready in a second.

Jared was stupid to leave Andrew alone.

She tried to squeeze the juice out of the orange.

I have a pretty good idea what happened there.

Write your telephone number down on this pad.

He is well acquainted with history as a whole.

Should we go by car or by taxi?

I'm deaf and mute while I'm eating.

Who will be the chairperson today?


You should be very proud of yourself.

We must finish our homework first.

This job eats money.

Your room is out of order.

She looked for her bag here and there.

The work required to investigate that is boring and wearisome.

The city is beautiful.

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Tell Deb where he should go.

Mr Wood loved Linda dearly.

What a stupid joke!

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I think Sonja is going to be pretty mad when he finds out that the painting he bought is a fake.

Don't be ridiculous!

It's not all that great.

She doesn't have any deep convictions.

I come from a big family.

Mysore had to go himself.

All the seats are occupied.

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She is an estate agent.


Most of Japanese cars are built quite reliable.

Of course, to be valuable, an old carpet must be in good condition.

Pitawas reads the Bible all day.

Peggy told me that he would go to Boston in October.

He graduated from Tokyo University.

He lived a rich and comfortable life in the country.

She already has a new boyfriend.


Let's not push it.

I think Masanao is just a little scared.

He watched the scene without much interest.


They're moving away.

As far as I know it's a small city.

Swimming is good for your health.

Tracey is growing frustrated.

Bob called me a party pooper because I left the party just after midnight.

I'll give her one more chance.

The furniture in his office is very modern.

You should buy some cough medicine and aspirin.

I am off duty today.


I managed to make myself understood in English.

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I care for you a great deal.

Alchemists tried to transmute base metals into gold and silver.

I know absolutely nothing.

He resorted to his pint of wine for consolation, drank it all in a few minutes, and fell asleep on his arms, with his hair straggling over the table.

He is no good as a doctor.

I will drink the coffee.

The Diaoyu Islands have been Chinese territory since ancient times.

His last letter was from the fall of 2010.

We're not going to let Roger die.

I'm the one who has to clean up this mess.

Why didn't you just say that to Caroline?

Donald didn't want Turkeer to think he was a fool.

How did you persuade Carl to come?

He's building up a network of acquaintances outside his office.

I'm not much of a dancer.


No one has an answer.


She can't drink alcohol.


Nicki, you don't even like fish!

That's my hope.

I tried to get him to come.


She finds her parents embarrassing.

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Boston is a great city.

I gave one for free.

I'm just really blessed.

The study of futurology was his forte.

Were you able to pass the test?

I'm Thai.

In the first section of this review I raise the question of how brain processes cause our conscious experiences.


Do you want fried eggs with bacon for breakfast?


I am shattered.

Tiefenthal began praying.

Did you do it out of spite?

It sounds like she is going to Kashgar.

He is qualified as a doctor.

It is hard for me to believe this.

Thanks for bringing this to us.

It is always useful to have savings to fall back on.

What do you think Kyle is going to want to do?

They did not protest working long hours for low pay.

Detective Dan Anderson has finally pieced together the whole murder story.


He chose to be operated on.


Do you find it funny that I feel this way?


I don't know many people who like to watch schlock films.