You must record his speech.

I don't want to wait.

Those tribes inhabit the desert all year round.

During the final against Italy, Zidane received a red card for head-butting Materazzi.

He put all his fortune in the enterprise.

She did a great deal of work.

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We need some clues to understand it.


Then you can sail away.

Randall might be in the park with his friends.

Do not open your book.

You are to do your homework before supper.

Eating too much fat is supposed to cause heart disease.

What do they need?

Moore looks very dignified.

I'm enjoying this.

On a clear, dark night, we can see about 6,000 or so stars in the sky.

Cristina didn't seem surprised to see Delbert at the concert.

Taiwan was far from being any kind of economic miracle in the 1950s.


Our plans are not yet concrete.

Brett is a psychic.

She has never visited him.

Maybe I should've told you.

We can't afford to waste any more time.

Terrence is with Anton now.

It's a wicked thing to do.

I know this area quite well.

I think it's very likely that they'll arrive next week.


I'm aware that every choice I make has a consequence.

I know a person who speaks Russian very well.

Don't always try to appease women! They know they aren't generally good with technicalities.


She looks nice and healthy.

Hazel has found a job.

Shyam has to go home.


There are apples in this box.

I have a secret I can't tell anyone.

I'm glad to see you in one piece.


Ricky had a quick answer.


Alexander has a secret passage in his house.

Today, too, the temperature is below zero.

I was planning to call him, but changed my mind and didn't.

"It's high time you took a vacation," Jim's boss said to him.

Is this guy bothering you?


Keep learning and become a polyglot.

I don't write things like these.

We would like to distribute this product in Japan.


She probably knows the answer.

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I feel quite at ease among strangers.

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I think I know what's happening now.


Last year my income was about five million yen.

If you hurry, you'll catch up with him.

Her mother was busy cooking the dinner.

That's quite common.

We used that.


I'd never come here again.

I went to the spa.

Let us know what your plans are.

Were you expecting someone?

Green leaves in a park are pleasing to the eye.

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They spent the whole day at the beach.

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Blayne has a dual personality.

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Pass me the butter, please.

When will that picture I wanted enlarged be ready?

It's unfair to stereotype all young people as potential troublemakers.

It tastes a little bitter.

I'm a quick learner.

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Cancer is a great enemy of mankind.


Moore! How nice to see you again!

It won't happen again, I promise.

Nobody has to know about what you just did.

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I still love him very much.

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Why do they call New York the Big Apple?

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I'm afraid that I might make you angry.

Do you take me for an idiot?!

You're a good influence on her.

The pilot made a perfect three-point landing.

Where is the money with which you're going to buy a car?

Most of the shops were closed.

Do you know what the sad thing is?


The car bumper absorbed some of the impact.


You've got one.


This is the way in which it happened.

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But I have no apples left to give you.

The first winner of the FIFA World Cup was Uruguay.

I used to play the guitar fairly well.

We debated on the question of world population.

A syllabus is an outline and summary of topics to be covered in an education or training course.

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Your soil is in need of amending.

Just give me the car keys.

I'm fed up with homework.

Now do you see?

That's certainly nothing to worry about.


What will dessert be?

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I was very pleased.


He's antisocial.

Let me know when you'll be ready.

Remember that boys who insist on having their own way, sooner or later come to grief.

Tell Spike where to put the suitcases.

I'm coming from home.


Markku joined the local football club.

Last night provided a good opportunity to see a meteor shower.

What you have is a common cold, not the flu.

Many people hunt.

I want a person who can speak French.


The conversation was secretly recorded and used as evidence.

The large audience applauded when the song finished.

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Anger is a good investment. You always get back more than you give out.

I have to cancel.

What's your opinion on this?

The leaves have all fallen.


Oh, what a scare!

Nate's dog followed him into the house.

Which language do you like better, Kannada or Telugu?

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The sunset is soon.

Did the newspaper say it was going to rain?

The burglars gagged the home owner and tied him to a chair.

This man craves variety.

He was living in London when the war broke out.

It was a huge explosion.

Can you come at 9?

They look sad.

I remember having seen him somewhere before.

You're a philosopher, aren't you?

You're still working part time at a bakery?


I was ashamed of showing my face to him.

I'll explain it in detail next week.

Dave leaned back on the couch.

Dan was questioned by the police about the incident.

I'm meeting her in an hour.


The construction blocked the entrance to the street.

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Hey everyone, please listen.

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He is getting on very well with his English.

The old man starved to death.

The teacher, not having heard the bell, didn't stop talking.


I've seen Mayo on TV many times.

We'll do it live.

Show me what you have in your left hand.

Give me the reason for which you were absent yesterday.

I'm getting advice from them.

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I gave Hughes the same advice that I'd already given Lyndon.

It's hard not to like her.

Hohn won't be wearing a tie.

I can't believe it happened.

I no longer want to offend anyone.

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I worked hard to succeed.


Farouk has been very upset.

You ruined everything.

I want to become both physically and mentally stronger.

We'll have to try again.

Piete's dog is well-trained.

Error never leaves us.

The doors wouldn't open, so I had to get in through the trunk.


I wonder if she'll accept a belated birthday present.


That's what I told the police.

We'll have to leave town.

Who's missing from this photo?