Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Southern Brazil are part of the Southern Cone.

Syun seems to be very happy.


Get yourself a decent suit.

Two big powers have signed a secret agreement.

We would have a wide range of alternatives.

His younger brother went to Shanghai the day before yesterday.

This is a stop watch made in Japan.

The memoir breathes the deepest respect for his father.

I signed the form.


I spent all yesterday afternoon cleaning my room.

Don't show your cards.

Jackye didn't smile.

I thought Christophe would be upset.

In German, the definite article's genitive plural in all three genders is "der".


He's not fit to be a teacher.

Near to the winter fire sat a beautiful young girl.

That's not going to happen for years.

Teresa seems to be very content.

He doesn't yet know the truth.

The manager has put him back in the major league.

I have moral standards.


Let it go!

Conrad didn't even try to understand.

I knew you'd like the cake that Lonhyn baked.


He was at the gate of death.

I sat before the mirror and wept bitterly.

Hiroyuki handed an envelope to Sam.


I just made that up.

Your face is getting red.

Why don't you come visit sometime?


Every time I saw him, I found him to be taller.

He abstained from smoking.

Summer is the warmest season of the year.

I am an eighteen-year-old student of mathematics.

We'd better go back a little.

I need some help with my work.

You must be very proud of your daughter.


We can't stop her.

Oh, yes, I remember.

Some questions were asked me by the teacher.


Since PlayStation 2 came out the game software store shelves have bloomed riotously with colorful new titles.

Africa is a continent of migration.

The weather forecast said that it would rain this afternoon, but it didn't.


Jussi stopped talking and began to eat.

I'd like to add some information to my report.

She may know the facts.


The 15 million pound scheme to build 600 houses will make disappear those ghettoes.

Why don't we go sit down?

Did you happen to be present when the accident happened?

Jacques had a great night tonight.

It was high time that Art got out of there.


I don't drink coffee.

Susanne waited for Sanity to go to bed.

Another form of art which was highly developed by them was sculpture.

Kelvin has offered to take care of the children this afternoon.

Her hair came down to her shoulders.

This technology will drastically lower the cost of solar energy.

He has some experience in teaching English.

We were frightened by a savage scream.

Ellen forgave Walt for losing all his money.

You can use my computer if you want.

Socorrito can drive a car now.

Don't let us down.

You want to know about sumo? Here's the champion. Even if all six of us attacked him at once, we would lose. If he hit you, your neck would break. If he were to sit on you, you would die. That's how strong he is.


She was an actress and was treated as such.

Experience without learning is better than learning without experience.

I found it impossible to win the championship.

Censorship is a terrible practice.

His family had been wheat farmers.

I want Betty to know that.

I'll never be like you.

The criminals have all been apprehended.

You must work hard, if you want to succeed.

I like to call Sofia names.

That would've been embarrassing.

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What she said wasn't true.

It is as absurd to say that a man can't love one woman all the time as it is to say that a violinist needs several violins to play the same piece of music.

The children are singing around the campfire.

How do you synthesize aspirin?

Get rid of Pratap.

Who came together with your sister? -With my sister is her little daughter Helena.

Is this the key your uncle is looking for?

I'm only doing my job.

This weighs more than the limit.


Let me take your temperature.

It's important that you hear this.

She's never been in love before.


Kirk needs your love.

Wanna come over to my place for pancakes?

Although the fork entered society on the tables of rich people, many members of royalty, such as Elizabeth I of England and Louis XIV of France, ate with their fingers.


We have a signed statement.

Please give the dog a bath.

I want him out of my house.


Every cloud has a silver lining.

Let's find out why.

What should I look for?


Dan split the rent with Linda.


Let's take a walk.

His question challenged us to think.

We don't have any more time.

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That's good news, isn't it?

Oh, have a heart.

This isn't a competition.


Swamy is in here somewhere.


I have complete confidence in Ernest and his abilities.

Leith has to want to stay.

His ambition knows no bounds.

Dwight didn't even look at the letter Jinny handed him.

Liber won't be able to answer those questions.

It's too late for that.

"Who is this Syun?" "He's a charming young man I met a few days ago."

I believe it's a myth.

Troy loves Lorraine's sense of humor.

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I'd hate to be in Teriann's shoes.

It's doing my head in.

His success was nothing short of a miracle.

Go tell him that.

How can you say such a silly thing?


I don't expect that to happen.


Meet my new friends, Dan, Linda, Matt, and Rita.

I need time to mull things over before I decide what to do.

Is it safe in there?

I had to stop doing that.

You're taking a big risk.

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Let him enter.

That wasn't what Anatoly meant.

My sister shelled the beans.

What else could you want?

You are very brave.

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Venus has a retrograde rotation which means it rotates on its axis in the opposite direction from the Earth's rotation. This causes the Sun to rise in the west and move eastward across the sky.

My mum has to spoil things.

He is weak in English.


Most people are introduced to vectors in high school or college.


Liisa has gone completely off the rails since she started life on her own.

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Vicky looked up at the sky.

I thought we could win.

Both of my parents are musicians.

Whenever I hear that song, I remember my youth.

There are isolated rain showers.

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Since the Creator had made the facts of the after-life inaccessible to man, He must not have required that man understand death in order to live fruitfully.

I have a deposit of 500,000 yen at the bank.

Before the wedding the bridesmaids are expected to plan a bachelorette party for the bride.

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If I feel inclined to, then I will try to contact the manager.


The two women know each other.

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Markus stood by himself next to the lamppost.


Let's go away this weekend.

What little money I had was stolen.

I don't want to know how you know that.

What happens to all the wood?

Judge is a perfect stranger to me.


Is Nicolette Canadian?

Those left his umbrella in the classroom.

Is this some kind of joke?

They're behind schedule.

She will love her husband for good.

Adrian and Barney are very happy together.

The thieves made off with the jewels.

Who is that woman over there?

It is difficult to find a porter who is available in this railroad station.

Nobody cares who you are.

Can you speak Shanghainese?


She isn't lonely anymore.