January 24, 2019

The Big Idea Unveiled

Check out the big unveil for our sex toy company that makes everyone feel good about their bodies!

January 21, 2019

How Do I Start? Not This Way!

How do we create a sex toy that makes everyone feel good about their body? It all starts with some…

Trans Dance Videos
July 27, 2018

Trans Dance – Hyperbole the Queen

Trans Dance is the show where we talk about everything trans and dance! This week we caught up with Davina…

Miscellaneous Uncategorized Videos
July 5, 2018

(917) 575-3377

We have officially changed our named from Slayful to… LOUD AND QUEER! Why a name change? Whoops, we appropriated!…

Miscellaneous Videos
July 5, 2018


Quick and Strong Column Tie for all to enjoy.

Trans Dance Videos
July 5, 2018


We spent the day at the 2018 Trans March and rally in San Francisco! There, we were inspired by Ali…