Are you leveraging your data

for decision-making?

Are you engaging consumers

via voice?

What are you doing to

replace outdated Home Energy Reports?

What are you doing to

engage and delight customers?

What are you doing to

stay current with utility industry leaders?


Bidgely introduces new Insights Engine for utility decision-making 281-681-5369
Reimagine Consumer Engagement
Bidgely has been chosen by over 25 utilities worldwide and has several multi-million home deployments
Put data to work
Bidgely gets results
Reach and results at a fraction of the cost of hardware-based solutions
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Reach 100% of homes
Bidgely's Universal Disaggregation™ itemizes appliance usage regardless of meter type
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Omni-Channel Engagement
Reach both opt-in and opt-out users
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Digitalize Home Energy Reports

Bidgely enables a risk-free approach for transitioning consumers from traditional paper Home Energy Reports to electronic Home Energy Reports (eHERs). eHERs provide financial savings by reducing paper, and converting customers from paper to digital enables program targeting and paperless billing.
Have your own mobile app? No problem!
We have flexible deployment options to fit your existing and future customer engagement channels
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