Tovah just lost his job.

John took the lion's share of the lottery winnings; he claimed it was his idea to buy the ticket in the first place.

We have important issues to discuss.

I'm getting too old for this sort of thing.

What's the name of the place?

Proceed with caution.

We all can run.

Jos certainly fooled me.

She and I are Brazilian.

Do you prefer it when TV shows are subtitled or dubbed?

Is it all under control?

He got across the river.

Amir built a bookcase.

Sid is playing with his wooden toys.


Try how far you can jump.

The party was more fun than I expected it to be.

I'm a lucky guy.

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We bought a grand piano which took up half of our living room.


It's hard to find someone who writes Chinese as beautifully as he.

You speak nonsense, my friend.

Catherine had an ulterior motive when she urged her father to buy a new car. She hoped that she'd be able to drive it herself.

Sure honey.

How do you intend to do it?


It was quite pleasant.


Lyndon's phone is huge.

I know it's difficult.

Why am I doing this you ask? Because I can.

Thank you!

You must be more careful in driving a car.

Let me know if you'll need anything.

The conversation was secretly recorded and used as evidence.

What does Dennis consider to be the most important point?

Somebody is eating.


Is that what you told Randall to say?


I considered not going.

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I cannot harvest. I don't have a sickle.

Reexamination of the data is required to make the formula accurate.

I don't remember a thing.

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I found his office easily.

He gave his life for the nation.

I was left out in the cold by everyone.

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I turned thirteen in 2003.

I hit the snooze button and went back to sleep.

It's still hot.

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You're a good mother.

I almost kissed him.

She's young and talented.

It costs money to borrow money!

Every person is special.

Casey sold his bike on craigslist.

The room wasn't cleaned by Kate.


Karin is a German name.


I'm sad to be leaving.


We're grateful for your help although it's just a a drop in the ocean of our needs.

Did you sleep at all?

The floor must be kept clean.

She faints all the time.

Albert is Malus's oldest son.

It is very dark.

I can not.


Would you tell Vicky I'm here?

We enjoy reading novels.

I should help Sir.

Now stop that.

Did Noel come down on the price?


I'm just joking.

I am very happy that you have agreed to that plan.

I got Hillary to take my picture.

Starbuck was killed with a crowbar.

Whether you succeed or not, you have to do your best.

I wanted to read a book.

The teachers' room and the gym are under renovation.

Your death will serve as an example.

It's really not rocket science.

Are you thinking of buying it?

I'm a professor, or rather an associate professor, to be exact.


Let's make a big circle.

The earth is where we all live.

He works hard. So he does.

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Lindsay should relax.

I'll go back to Boston with Turkeer.

The typhoon is gone.

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Yes, you're hot.

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The policeman signaled him to stop.

She is absorbed in rock music.

Let's get back to the ship.

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Helen doesn't seem tired at all.

It's our responsibility to take care of this.

Seeing a human face in a cloud is an example of pareidolia.

Let's meet halfway between your house and mine.

Even so ... she didn't have to slap me!

Achilles was an ancient Greek hero.

I wonder why Nora ever wanted to marry Tricia.


Markku was head over heels in love with Liisa.

I'm getting used to working the night shift.

Sandra has helped a lot.

We see each other next week.

In algebra, we often replace numbers with letters.


Let him try.

The rooms are deserted.

I remember you. We met three years ago.

After what has happened, I dare not see her again.

Nicolaus was raised by his uncle.


Harv didn't let me finish what I was saying.

Laurent is probably used to it by now.

For many women, breast cancer is a matter of life and death.


Don't you remember what happened?

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Ann is afraid of Kent's dog.

Milo wrote me a letter.

She's slim and sexy.

Juan is used to staying up late at night.

I won't let Gale go there.

I felt like singing loudly when the exam was over.

I heard a car backfire.

I'm following him.

It's every man for himself.

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I won't be able to help him.

We didn't get paid this week.

Rob has been accused of bribery.

What's the most popular entertainment?

Nobody is born learned.

My aunt died of lung cancer.

I wish I'd brought an umbrella with me.

Let's get something cold to drink.

I guarantee that this information is correct.

How long have you been abroad?

Wasn't he fine in jail?

There are a blackboard, a lamp, a door, two windows, twelve chairs and a desk; there are many students as well.

You need to look in all directions before crossing the street, even at a crosswalk when the light is green.


Who commands time?

I just don't agree with them.

I'm afraid that I've caused a slight disturbance.

I forgot that this was here.

Joni is very observant.

They didn't find him.

I need some summer clothes.

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I'm not sure, but I think I hate Jun.

Ramesh has broken one of his legs.

Jill is a very good guitarist, isn't he?

One is one's own worst enemy.

What's a porcupine?

Children play in the yard.

Rakhal asked for food.

This is all brain dead regurgitation of a lazy theory.

I'm the one responsible for the accident.

'Hayastan' is Armenia's name in Armenian.

Stay away from the beehive.

I am done teaching.

I've seen him before.


"Who bakes the cakes?" "Alessandra bakes them."

Are you sure you don't want to go with us?

Abraham got into a fight with Joseph over Lucy.

Can you blame me for that?

I like English more than maths.

Wipe the sweat from your brow.

I can't stand cowards.


Can I give you a ride back to the city?

Do you know how to read the Russian alphabet?

We will have to call on our friends to help us.

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She's got your albums on repeat on her iPod.

Today, after riding, while grooming the horse I carelessly got my right foot trod on.

The president seemed strong.

Tobias had always wanted to climb Mt. Fuji, but until now, had not found the time to do so.

If you could only speak English, you would be perfect.

Are you sure you wouldn't like anything else?

Please tell me how to delete my Facebook account.


A baby is incapable of taking care of itself.