I must find out who is behind this.

If necessary, I will come soon.

Who makes breakfast for her?

It took me three hours to get here from Boston.

I usually play tennis.

Carry all your things with you.

Moran delivered the eulogy.

He died quickly.


What is a man without ideals?

When Brodie arrived in the scene of the plane crash, he was horrified.

I'm getting advice from him.

I'm on my way to the station.

Have you made a list yet?

I want your analysis.

What trips are you planning?

It's all been written.

The bus became crowded.

They're about to leave.

I hope they catch Clay.

I guess we're not on the same wavelength.

I don't see anybody else around here.


I'm sorry. I got you two mixed up.

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Tollefsen should've kept his mouth shut.


You have to tell Claudio.

I don't want to go on my own.

Kelly and Mayo seem to really want to kiss.

They gained a victory.

I'm saving the best for last.

Niels is impulsive, isn't he?

We should ban advertising aimed towards children.

Marla is a really nice kid.

We've seen this happen before.


He wrote down my phone number in case he should forget it.

Fritz doesn't even remember what happened last night.

Go to the extraction point.

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I hope my son will bring himself to study hard.

I'm Brazilian.

Matters are becoming worse.

Tell her to shut up.

I want to find Ramneek as much as you do.

What's Kim been doing lately?

I'm going to bed.

They'll hear us.

A Mr. Kimura is calling you.

I like playing golf.

Come on, Shougo. You can do it.

I feel pretty good.

When is the next guided tour?

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Does he have anything to do with the campaign?


He is nothing, if not kind.

The red skirt is new.

I don't like the new guy.

I've never dyed my hair before.

We would've enjoyed our trip if it wasn't for the rain.


She went to the station to see him off.

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In the end, we got to the lake.

I know it's not kosher.

Stephe fell asleep crying.

I finally feel appreciated.

They laughed at me.

Have you ever fought at high school?

Could you suggest an alternative date?

That's so strange.

George made no attempt to hide the fact that he was in love with Mahmoud.

Please pass this on to the next person.

Are they all like this?

At these last words, Pinocchio jumped up in a fury, took a hammer from the bench, and threw it with all his strength at the Talking Cricket.

Lawrence left a message, but Matthieu didn't call back.

I didn't catch that.

I don't know about you, but I'd like a drink.


I ran into my old teacher at the station.

Erwin gave Ray a gift.

After saying everything that I had to, I felt relaxed.

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They will have arrived there before you start.


It's the best I can do.

Why did you poison me?

It's forbidden to use this information commercially.

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This chocolate tastes really good.

He'll be here right away.

I had already sent you the letter when you called.

Kyu has lived in Boston for over 30 years.

They were really cut from the same cloth.


Look, my house is not as dirty as yours.

Carter stopped taking his medication.

We were driving down the road when we saw Hirofumi.


How many books did you read?


Why did you have to say that?

Give me a definite answer.

The used to work in Australia.

I want you to lie still for a few hours.

They all went in.

Pria is having trouble breathing.

I realized that, having fallen asleep, I had missed my stop.

Aimee had a job.

Ruth is much surprised at the news.


Some of my best friends are British.

She managed to back through the narrow passage.

This news is important to us.

I haven't even told you the best part yet.

How much money did you bring with you?

You have to listen to me.

I just might get to like this place.

At any rate, I must finish this work by tomorrow.

That's not a real word.

The price of this article does not cover the cost of its manufacture.

Liz may not be busy, but Duane is.

How much is this hat?

It doesn't sound true.


Jack and Malcolm got divorced, just like you predicted.

During the final days the weather was infernally hot.

Because of the convenience of public transportation, I can go anywhere.

Why are you asking me these questions?

Milton is one of the classic writers.

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There were a number of reasons for the change.

I'm trying to figure out how you managed to do that.

Many ports are in the east.


Steel production is estimated to have reached 100 million tons last year.

I have had a tough year.

I am trying to learn English.

Case will never agree to that.

You can't keep hiding from the truth.

I am 20 years old.

I feel sorry for him.

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We study from six to eight hours a week.

Beware of smooth talk.

Do you know where I might find small cowboy boots?

Ernst didn't deserve that.

I promise I won't do this again.

The country's economy depends on agriculture.

Go back, Angus.


The gift is expressive of my feelings.

Knock yourself out, Ronald.

Before I go to Paris for work, I need to improve my French.

You can hear everything.

Hsuan is feeding the cows.

Twelve years is old for a dog.

What did you have to drink?

Ah, if all of us could speak all languages!

Darryl fixed the broken radio.

Mysore is the one who recommended Naresh for the job.

Susan is majoring in American history.

Today she can do many things humans can do with language.

Get out! You can't play here.


He is boastful of his success.

I knew it was Radek's handwriting.

If he should die tomorrow, what in the world would you do?

Are mangroves abundant in the Pantanal?

Connie threatened to beat me up.

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Big girls don't cry.


I said that ages ago.


Tammy's room is very small.

This book stands high in my opinion.

Taking a walk in the park, I was spoken to by an old couple.


What is your opinion on this issue?

The time has come.

He couldn't help doing so in the face of opposition.

I have blonde hair.

It really sucks when scatology turns to eschatology, or the other way round.

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Welcome to Dublin!

We spoke briefly.

I thought Marnix would take Erik out for dinner.

I want you to return to Boston.

There was an uneasy silence.

I know what happened to him.

She called me many times.

Give Ian your seat.

Where do I get stamps?

The police are on the track of the thief.

My grandparents have smallpox vaccination scars on their arms.

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Keith had trouble thinking straight.