This school offers English, French and Spanish courses.


Why do you hang out with Caleb all the time?

I didn't take your bloody car, for crying out loud!

Air pollution is a serious global problem.

This is something I don't understand.

She waved her hand until the train was out of sight.

It's awfully bitter.

Kay doesn't live on Park Street anymore.


He is not such a stingy man as he is made out to be.

Please! Please don't skip class.

We hoped we'd succeed today.

I am a photographer.

Jared isn't my father.

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Pratapwant grew a beard over the summer.

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She relies on the lion.


Look at the bird singing in the tree.

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I'm not calling them.

I'm sure Victoria will make the right decision.

By seeing an elephant's tusk you know it is larger than a bull; by seeing a tiger's tail you know it is larger than a fox; by seeing one thing, you know many of them.


Thank you for the great meal.

A TV set of this size will take little space.

Dan doesn't know the extent of Linda's criminal history.

Mitch and Michel both teach French.

Donna definitely has our support.

I bought three pieces of furniture.

I visited Rome for the first time in my life.

Minors can't come in here.

It never really came up.

I am not your wife.

I will always remember you.

Let's take a break for a change.

We'll come and visit you.

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The country is renowned for the beauty of its mountain scenery.

I've never had this kind a problem before.

No one doubts her fitness for the post.

I come from Taipei.

It's official now.

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Something wicked this way comes.

Marcus was neither heard to confess nor able to deny.

Price thinks I love Jeany.

Go on!

It happened right about here.


This is a serious matter.

I made motions at him to come here with my hand.

Sergiu looks just fine to me.

The rainy season will be over in another two weeks or so.

I'll show you my vocabulary list.

The air smells like spring flowers.

Open your mouth wide.

A map helps us study geography.

I'd like to keep these documents for the time being.

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When do you stop work?

I left the cat outside the house.

We're quite fond of Angela.


I have another question.


What does Akina have on?

He has written an antibarbarus.

Fibre-optic cables can carry huge amounts of information.

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She likes to read books.

Happiness is a shower.

Rik bought Takeuchi an expensive umbrella.

Your session expired, please log yourself back in.

I don't think I can stop Mosur from doing that.

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You had dealings with a crook.


Let's hit the road.

He is the president in name only.

It'd be better if you didn't associate with men like that.

My thoughts are stuck in the web of the streets of Lviv.

Barton didn't follow the rules.

Someone stole her money.

I respected her.


They got married last fall.

I just wish I could speak French a little better.

It's her first day at school.


I'd love a beer.

Don't go over the speed limit.

These records are 2,000 yen each.

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You need not have come so early.

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Sir, we will have something special for you.

Call me immediately if anything happens.

Let's go make fun of them.


Jimmy and Darrell are neighbors.

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I thanked Raul for his time.

Someone's there.

If you would like me to introduce you to him, I will write him right away.


I drove downtown to meet her.

Antonio ate.

Today's special is fish.

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What does Louis want you to do?

A pinched sciatic nerve can be excruciatingly painful.

Tarmi was greatly affected by the death of his only daughter.

It's all over with her.

We walked in the park.

She sat reading a book.

Timo asked how much it cost.

Something seems to be bothering Israel.

Curt is an amazing actor.

You have to fill out this form.

You did an excellent job.


And who would not act the same way?

I lost my passport. I'll have to get a new one.

Diligence led him to success.

It's far from winning the first prize.

Fortunately, the older part of the city was spared from the Allies' bombs.

She's two years older than you.

They finished the work after a week.

I'm sorry that you are leaving here.

When the United States loses a war, it's not all Americans who lose it. Some billionaires like Bush's friends have earned billions from the wars fought by the United States in the last ten years.

Mr Murata, this is my friend Lisa.

I have a little money. With you and this, I am happy.

They both got here late.

That was pretty stupid of me, wasn't it?

I don't want fruit.

Romain doesn't want to talk to you now.

Could you tell her, please?

She liked tennis and became a tennis coach.

His love grew cold.

Prices raise from day to day.

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I'd like to sleep a little longer.


He is the last man I want to see.


I'm going to protect you.

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You are laying in the bed.

He has a great interest in Japanese.

What is the point of life anyway, said the young fool.

She persists in her belief.

Everything which flies will sooner or later fall down.

You make an interesting argument.

We can't use this.

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Nick gave Mah some food.

I'm here to help her.

Is this your suitcase?

It seemed that the bus had been late.

I did this myself.

Celeste bought Juan an expensive ring.

Andre will be back from Boston tomorrow.

He cheated on the test by copying his friend's answers.

"Father, why are you putting on clean clothes?" "Because I'm going to church."


I get up early in summer as a rule.


How much did you win?

You have to be up-front and candid at interviews.

Mother stood arms akimbo.


I read an article about acid rain yesterday.


We've got a little emergency.

I arrived home, thoroughly worn out, after getting lost in the mountain paths.

Mum, where's Dad?

I didn't know you were interested.

Triantaphyllos didn't know any of the songs on our playlist.

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Just call the police.

What time is the world going to end?

Go away. I don't want to see you.

I persuaded John to be examined by the doctor.

What is Ken eating?

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Leads seems to be in trouble.

Robert had a flower in her hair.

What are you doing to stop this?

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We heard a noise in the bedroom.

Just what are you insinuating?

I support you whole-heartedly.

She had a look of fear on her face.

Tall pine trees make a ring around the lake.

What would it be if I painted it green?

Why did Ramanan lie to me?