They will not stand for such treatment.

Sonny has been like this for several hours.

I left an umbrella behind.

You always tell me to think for myself.

Juan disappeared into his bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

They warned us of our possible failure in this plan.


Eric doesn't see any reason why he has to go.

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I think I might've found a job.

The child got angry and struck at his mother.

She never thinks about him.

Unfortunately it will be impossible for us to accept your proposal.

Spudboy translated the letter into French.

I offered him odds of 3 to 1.

Do you not accept my offer?

I haven't read either book.

When the bell rang, the audience took their seats.

Have you asked John what happened?

Would you like to tell me what this is all about?


I haven't read any of his letters.

His injuries are all external.

I'm not interested in finding out who my birth parents are.

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In present day Japan, "alchemy" is only used metaphorically; to refer to improper means of making money by politicians or religious hucksters with no morals or shame.

Mitchell never said a word.

I've spoken to them about it.

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What needs to be discussed?

We'll see how much Phil knows.

Emmett is convinced that's a good idea.

There's some truth to it.

It's not me who makes the rules.

Jim is gritting his teeth in obvious pain.

I have a boyfriend who loves me.


All the apartments are occupied.


For the record I didn't vote for Trump.


We all need a star to steer our lives by.

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I also showed an example of a simple but complete plugin system for an application, all written in Python.

We're not alone.

She plays tennis very well.

He is a big shot.

I don't blame Kuldip for retiring.


This isn't a good place to pitch a tent.

Maureen couldn't have done it any better.

That is not your cup.

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I can read it, but I can't speak it.

Welcome to the club.

We won't be in Boston until next Monday.

Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.

May I have a glass of water?

I am quite clear that it is a fact.

The label "foreigner" should never be based on skin colour, but on nationality.

I think it's getting warmer.

I am very pleased with my job.

Let's attack.

Will you try this on?

This woman is haunted by a spirit.

So, are you going to buy that or not?

I'll come into the office early tomorrow.

Sorry, but you can't go in there.

Make it a normal packed lunch, OK?

I know you're not scared.

I haven't been able to open this door.

It will not be long before he leaves the hospital.

We have to keep our dog tied.

Strength is found in calmness.


We need more sugar.


These cars are big.

I wouldn't miss your party for anything.

May I quote you?

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She went to New York, leaving her family behind.

Lila passed by.

She runs.

There are two hundred pages.

The tie doesn't fit with my suit.

It's time to come together around common values and show our support.

They made much of the victory of their team in the tournament.

The border of her dress was torn.

They're inquisitive.

Pomegranates are increasingly popular in cooking and baking, whether as juice, garnish, or focal ingredient.

You had better go and thank her in person.

Gideon and Kieran are rich kids.

I'll be your teacher.

I know what the answer will be.

It was there for the taking.

What did Helge get me?

Mick drives to work.

I haven't attended any of his conferences.

We sang in the choir when we were children.

When did these delusions first occur?

I don't want it to change.


The goods arrived undamaged.

Are you accusing Spudboy of being a thief?

Elephants live in Asia and Africa.

Naim and Marty walked side by side.

Terri almost always wears sunglasses.

It was apparent that someone had taken the money by mistake.

Hey, I'm on your side.

Can this be just between you and me?

I haven't cleared their fields.

Would you like me to help you with your homework?

She started writing novels.

Don't drive under the influence of alcohol.

You never told us why there was a delay.


Never have I seen such a crowd of people.

Are they still thinking about it?

Under these circumstances, I cannot accept the offer.

Guillermo abhors horror films.

You always forget.

Joking apart, you ought to see a doctor about your headache.

Barack Obama is a Christian.

"Do you have sugar in your tea?" "No way. I'll just have straight tea."

She is always finding fault with her husband.


I must report this to them.


"How does she manage to come up with all those amazing ideas?" "Frankly speaking, I wonder that myself."

I have a plan. Don't worry.

I have to examine you.

She stood in front of the mirror.

Who's going to check with Vance?

I forgot one.

We should still wait.

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Tell Moran only what he needs to know.


To live alone is the fate of all great souls.

It's been different.

I suppose that's all right.


I'm really looking forward to next March, when they roll out the new Play Station 2.

I'll do all I can to make it up to you.

Well, just let me know.

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Fletcher had a black cat.


Willie didn't tell me what these are.

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Her brother looked at her.

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I was hoping maybe you could talk to Jianyun.


You are hilarious.

Human intervention in nature has no limits.

Our friends were evacuated from their farm because of the bushfires in their area.

You know what it is? Yes, jury duty, got a summons in the mail.

And just when you think that you've seen it all...

Henry likes you very much.

Is it open on Sunday?

I thought I'd surprise her.

Anderson and Jiri were both exhausted.


I'm just being me.

I hope you enjoyed your last days in Berlin!

Maybe we'll meet him in the street.

That's very interesting.

A great relationship is based on two main principles. First, appreciate your similarities and second, respect your differences.

You've probably always felt you could handle any problem yourself.

I hear you're very good at French.

She comes from a mixed family.

Suwandi is our prime suspect.

I don't think I'll go today.

Our company is too top-heavy.


The customer insisted on a price reduction because of defects in the product.

I like pastel colors.

You read the paper?

Irwin lost his balance and fell.

Please stop saying that.

I thought you were leaving Boston.

Blaine won three races in a row.

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There was a small box inside the big box.

You cannot see your own back.

Do you know something about it?

We stay with Leung whenever we go to Boston.

I used to work in Boston.

I am going to the post office to buy stamps.

Stop threatening inanimate objects, they can't hear you.

Kees told me he wanted to live on a secluded beach.

Pop artists thrive on the adulation of their loyal fans.

I'm sure Tarmi means well.

Kate hoped that Roxie was right.

Shadow wasn't expecting Tandy to be here.

My brother caught a big fish.


What are Juan and Chuck going to wear to the Halloween party?