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Fmr. Assistant District Attorney Allison Watson
Knoxville, TN

"“We have law enforcement, judges, prosecutors standing up and speaking out; we have doctors sponsoring medical marijuana bills and government officials engaging in civil disobedience…. what else do we need to tell us it is time to end prohibition?"

allison watson
Fmr. U.S. Attorney Carter Stewart
New Albany, OH

"Prosecutors play a key role in addressing racial disparities, we are the ones who have the discretion to determine whether charges will be brought, what charges those will be and what sentences we will ask for, so prosecutors should be leaders in terms of addressing racial disparity and setting the tone."

carter stewart

Why I Joined LEAP: Our Law Enforcement Speakers in Their Own Words

I have been in Corrections since 1987 and the Superintendent of Corrections in Cheshire County NH since 1993. Being a Chief law enforcement officer and public official who must survive the political arena and changing landscape of our constituency, I struggled to find other professionals who shared a voice on best practices and evidenced based criminal justice ideology. It was 2007 when I joined Law Enforcement Action Partnership, an organization that presented as a coalition of smart criminal justice professionals who joined together to help guide our communities, our politicians and our country's criminal justice agenda in a more logical and responsible direction. It has been one of the best decisions of my career.

Superintendent Richard N. Van Wickler
Superintendent Richard N. Van Wickler Superintendent of Corrections Cheshire County (NH) Department of Corrections

I felt it was important to ensure the message of changing how we view and deal with addiction reached a wide audience, especially a network of my peers, fellow law enforcement and the public. Law enforcement is often seen as the innovators, leaders and change agents. LEAP gives me and law enforcement that platform to be the leaders of change to a wider audience.

Chief Tom Synan
Chief Tom Synan Chief of Police Newtown (OH) Police Department

"The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.” - Ida B. Wells-Barnett That is exactly what my colleagues and I at LEAP are about.

Sergeant Cheryl Dorsey (Ret.)
Sergeant Cheryl Dorsey (Ret.) Police Sergeant Los Angeles Police Department

The reason for my involvement with the Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP), is to be a voice for Law Enforcement and build a stronger relationship with the communities we serve.

Chief Bryan P. Zeringue
Chief Bryan P. Zeringue Chief of Police Thibodaux (LA) Police Department

I joined LEAP because I believe in its mission to create a more effective and more fair criminal justice system.  Our country puts too many people in jails and prisons for the wrong reasons, which destabilizes communities and inhibits law enforcement’s ability to do its job.  I want to be a proactive partner for positive change, which LEAP allows me to do.

U.S. Attorney Carter Stewart (Fmr.)
U.S. Attorney Carter Stewart (Fmr.) 904-462-6162

No police agency can be successful without the support of the community they serve, and no police agency can expect to have community support without first developing community trust. I am excited to be a part of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership as the organization has dedicated itself to promoting best practices throughout the criminal justice system, which will better develop the trust and support every police agency needs to be successful in helping to build better and safer communities for everyone.

Chief Kevin Martin
Chief Kevin Martin Chief of Police 800-939-3996

Sir Robert Peel founded modern policing in 1829 by establishing the London Metropolitan Police Force. Peel's commissioners developed the Peelian Principles, a set of ideals that defined the ethical requirements police officers must abide by in order to do their job effectively.


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