He sold his own car without hesitation.

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He is taller than any other boy.


We might otherwise have to reconsider the purchase.

An Irish girl is writing.

They forced him to resign.

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I wonder if this water is drinkable.

Tommy doesn't like politics.

Leila declined my invitation.


Have a good night.

I don't care where you go.

You get one guess.

The scholar regards so-called compulsory education as useless.

I didn't even know my name.


People around here just don't understand the orange shirts.

It's obvious that Darci is just pretending to be asleep.

Will she live?

We would like to change room: it's too noisy.

I listened for a long time, but I didn't hear anything.

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What will happen if Venice gains independence?

If I'm late, I'll catch it.

Perry watched attentively.

My father cares much about food.

I'm going mad.


I'm all better now.

I've always hated her.

I wish I'd gotten a chance to meet Susan.


Sharon declined the invitation to Bobby's party.

Can you spare a cigarette?

That's a very good idea.

Jesus and Alvin are wearing their school uniforms.

I expected better of you.

This milk smells funny.

Thank you for your warm words.

I think watching people playing chess isn't much fun.

Rahul took a cookie.


Cyrus is an investment banker.


Geoff asked me who had arrived first.

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The baby cried himself to sleep.

Ahmed knew why Malcolm didn't like him.

We may not have so much time.


I can't wait for him.

Denis was the best friend I've ever known, but he also disappointed me.

As soon as I find it, I'll bring it over to your place.

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Novo said he could do nothing.

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It's not so little.

Grace hates shopping with Joni.

Please tell me about your trip to Boston.

Let's stay out of each other's way.

The authenticity of the documents was checked before publishing them.

I am not your son.

Is it an obsession?


London developed into the general market of Europe.

Don't you have to go to school today?

We can always ask Sir for help.

I'll do what I want.

There was a pair of handcuffs on the bed.

I just can't wait to go to work.

I finally understood the importance of foreign languages.


Hasn't Roland done enough damage already?


She is wearing a green robe.

The judge sentenced Sidney to death.

Which shoes are you going to put on?


A shameless liar speaks smilingly.

Let's try to convert German into a Romance language.

I don't care how much it costs. I'm going to buy it anyway.

Perhaps I shouldn't have said anything.

He is a distant relation of hers.

He is something of a stamp collector.

Is there something you'd like to tell Roman?


You can go from Washington to New York by train.

Have you ever felled a tree?

Don't nose about my room.

Why don't you come, too?

I'll never go there.

I'd like to eat something.

Would you please speak to Pilot?


Why can't you stay?

He is lying on the baby.

I'm not sure if I have the courage to ask for her number.


Timothy was good at playing the violin.

Put your hand up and step out of the vehicle.

How can you be so confident?


He refused to make quick decisions.

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We are going to have a break for a snack.


Can you resume from the thirtieth bar?


That's so nice.


I thought we could visit the museum together.

Vincenzo doesn't remember his first French teacher's name.

We rowed up the river against the current.


Is Takeuchi awake?

It's all been a waste.

Where on earth did you meet him?


I thought you loved reading.


The supermarket was relatively empty for that time of day.


I don't know what year he was born.


They want you.

Would you have Loren come to my office, please?

Lena is reading a teen magazine.

We're sorting it out.

He deceived me. He did not return the money.

What is God after all? An eternal child playing an eternal game in an eternal garden.

We wouldn't have gone if it had rained.

Phil doesn't have any choice.

Excuse me, but could you tell me the way to the bus stop?

She enjoys dancing and horseback riding.

You can't beat me, Jack. I've been playing tennis since I was a kid.

The movement was spurred by a ragbag of false ideas.

He carried on business for ten years in Tokyo.

We have to wait until we have more information.

Give me a rain-check.

I'll go let Gil know.

I think that's a great idea.

I'll support him.

It's not a bomb.

It's brutal.

Hubert says he can pay for it.

As soon as I get paid, I'll pay you back.

Give me these 8 crimson apples please.

Kemal became a surgeon.

The impression that many German wines are sweet, and don't go well with food, is widespread.

It took him his entire life to complete his master work.

This movie is frightening to the children.

He haunted the art galleries.

That's not what he's going to talk about.

The girls were left behind.

My wife deliberated whether we would buy a new house or not.

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He's my first love.

Huashi and Terri wrote many of their songs together.

My parents don't like my girlfriend.


I could have warned Price more forcefully.

He felt a pain in his back.

Elijah started shaking uncontrollably.


Knapper often talks to his parents on Skype.

Emperor Hadrian had Hadrian's Wall built.

I want a cake.

The performance by the community orchestra was a delight.

Let's not let our imaginations run wild.

I've made an interesting discovery.

Bite down tightly, please.

Daniele is my old partner.

Why do you ask?

There's no way to foresee the consequences.

"I shall go to the market this afternoon. How about you?" "No, I will not go."


I think we should tell Cory what we think.

I don't tan very easily.

There was a sergeant that I particularly hated in the army.

They both like the same girl.

That's what I loved about him.

I'm very happy that Stu is here.

I could order you to do that.


Marlena will be here right away.

Kristi has barely said a word all day.

Did you happen to see her yesterday?

That way is very far, so we took a taxi.

I'd rather not continue this conversation.


He must be at home. I see his car in his garage.

The battery of my MP3-player was empty.

Huey has been pretty unlucky, hasn't he?

Taste this wine to see if you like it.

We want to change that.


She was strong enough to run a 10-mile race.