Let's get Sundaresan out of there.

Making model planes is his only hobby.

Marion knows nothing about this matter.

I think it's time we left.


I always knew that one day this would happen.

Several recent outbreaks of salmonella are a cause for concern to health authorites.

If one has the right to live, then one should also have the right to die. If not, then living is not a right, but an obligation.

You'd remember Jacobson.

I want to sort this out once and for all.

"Two dragonflies are mating on your head." "I didn't feel them landing. Are they still on my hair?" "No, they just took flight again." "Oh, now I see them. How beautiful they are!"

Do you really want to risk being stuck out here by yourself?

Jay rode the horse bareback.

Thanks a lot.

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I saw you yesterday.

Vance died in the blast.

That was a passtime.


Wendy paid back the money he owed me.

I had to keep my secret.

As is often the case, he was late for school.


I visited the town for the first time in a long time.


I'm meeting Anna for breakfast.


Samir doesn't have a bicycle.

I can't disclose that information yet.

This case is outside my jurisdiction.


Leigh is eating snacks.

It began to rain toward evening.

That's one of them.

Kuldip can't come in here.

The country is on the way to becoming a democratic nation.

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You're pretty good at French, aren't you?

We sang around the fire when it got dark.

Am I alone here?

Can I borrow your shovel?

It seems I'm falling ill.

Our fridge is broken.

Chris continued digging.

Family should always come first.

He seems to know us.

The man awakens the boy.

This could've happened to anybody.

She generally sings very well, but now she is singing very badly.

They were confronted with many problems.

I know a lot about it.

I carded the wool.

Blake hasn't seen Gary yet.

The boat was piloted safely into harbor.

Metin has sold his house in Boston.

I'm all done.


It'll be beautiful.

Will you please tell me the secret?

Raanan took a bite of Rajeev's donut.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.

It's wrong to steal.

Should I watch Six Feet Under? Do you think it's any good?

I'm sure you'll be ready when the time comes.

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I've been driving all night.


I have given up on that case.

I think that was really mean of you.

It is not good for your health to shut yourself in all day.

Turn it off.

He sipped his coffee.


Bob held his hand out to Polly.

Torsten sabotaged Murph's car to prevent her from leaving the farm.

It really annoys me when you do that.

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They are shrewd in trade.

Dimitry was utterly confused.

Who is the woman standing there?

A bunch of children ran after the rabbit.

You simply don't understand me.

We knew we had to work hard.

Sriram put his hand over his heart.

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Many of us were tired.


Denis never told me anything.


You should be happy.

Who is the girl in your car?

Duncan lost his sunglasses.

I would take it as a sign.

Did you speak to him yesterday?

Raphael doesn't want to go to lunch with Christofer.

Son is probably with Troy right now.

They haven't been married long.

Sean is going to make it on time.

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This is the bottom line.


You have something of mine.

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He is young at heart.


What do you want to do for our next holiday?

A cloud is a mass of vapor in the sky.

There don't seem to be any problems.


I told Saad not to come back.


What are your worries?

We're really running late.

Stephe is a data scientist.


I am a housewife.

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That was all right.


Man is not the enemy of man but through the medium of a false system of government.


Tony is probably the only one around here who can speak French.

I'll ask her if you like.

I thought you loved chocolate.

I want to run for governor.

The prime minister appoints the members of his cabinet.

We have one last chance.

These are wicked times.

Why would anyone go to all this trouble?

How did Dani get in?


Murthy couldn't believe that Peggy could be so stupid.

You can't fire Bryan.

How do I stop them?

They don't even know why.

I'm going to explain it once more.

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We still have some details to iron out.

Patricia wants you to buy him a ticket, too.

Would you like to have a bath before going to bed?

See to it that the door is locked at 10.

How was last night?


Football is the most known sport in the world.

How old were you when your father was killed?

Can I please talk to her?

The only important things in life are love and work.

I'm very grateful for your sympathy.

Sugar is bad for your teeth.

This is the first time I've seen a sun clock.

Rebecca was down in the doldrums after Dave walked out on him.

Romain was absolutely sure of himself.

You get the next one.

You won't be able to do anything about that now.

Naoko is good at swimming.

Can we afford to buy that?


They stopped to stare at her.

Will has an immaculate sense of style.

He worked all night so that he could get the job done in time.

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That affair doesn't concern me.

Yoshkar-Ola is a Mari city, you're shining with your glory.

A car drove past.

The light went out by itself.

Don't try to blame this on Vinod.

There's a fire in the building. We have to evacuate immediately.

Could you please turn off the radio for me?


Everything that I saw was completely different from what I had expected.


Tai only cares about himself.


"Come into my parlor," said the spider to the fly.

As a dad, it's kind of exciting to see that your son follows what you believe in so strongly.

I'm sorry for what happened to you.

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Have you made your decision yet?

I'm sorry it had to be done this way.

This restaurant serves Adana and Urfa kebabs.


Hatred is the winter of the heart.


You will fail.


What do you want with Himawan?

It's not likely that he went there.

I don't know which one to choose.

Scott has a little sister.

When I was a child, only children from wealthy families had ringed notebooks.


No, thank you. I'm just looking around.

In bowling, a perfect game consists of twelve strikes in a row.

If you're ready, we'll begin.

It's your problem, not mine.

Are you in much pain?


Page was distracted by Bret.

Do you have a girlfriend, Pia?

Courtney is not like the other boys.