What is there in your bedroom?

Nobody likes her.

Patrick was stabbed to death.

English will take you a long time to master.

Is the school work hard?

It never should've happened.

I gave Merril clear orders not to go there.

You both are correct.

This pill is taken as a suppository.

Don't ask me.

It is wrong to make fun of an old man.

We could have done it.

The snow compelled us to put off our departure.

I did everything I could to be your friend.

I will be home by five.

We can meet.

My family is big.

It was a pure accident that I met him there.

You can't go in there.

Mahmoud urged the residents of the town to form a militia.

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They eat half the world's wheat.

When was the last time you bought shoes?

I'm a little low on cash right now.

My cousin has blonde curly hair.

If you think that's necessary, you should do it.

They expect to win.

He rambled hither and thither.

I don't have any clothes for when I go clothes shopping.

I kind of hope it doesn't rain.


Marian should be warned.

They don't need us.

I think what you just told me isn't correct.

Come again whenever you want to.

One morning, when I woke up, I found that all the bills in my wallet had changed into two-thousand yen bills.


If we ban Chinese students from thinking, what exactly do we expect from them?

I've been trying to live up to my father's expectations.

My father is on the wagon.


I'd like to borrow your notes for a bit.

She has a strong bias against abstract painting.

I have other priorities.

I'd like a wake-up call at six tomorrow morning.

An announcement of his death appeared in the newspapers.

Our website is offline for scheduled maintenance.

I told her to leave.

I had to take shelter under a tree.

Wake up, Florian.


Something I hadn't anticipated happened.

I'd like to ask you for some advice.

Do you remember when your father's birthday is?

The dog is called Ken.

I never bet.

It is ten years since I left college.

This squirrel is shy.

From this moment on it is forbidden to cry.

No sooner had the younger brother gone into the forest than he found the river, swam across it, and there on the other side was the she-bear, fast asleep.


I saw Francisco stealing something out of your purse.


Church leaders denied the accusation.

This suit fits you perfectly.

I'm not going to lie to them.

Time is running short.

I know who's pulling the strings.

Words, words...

Could you write me directions to the restaurant?


Louise doesn't need to keep anything.

I will recommend this website to all my friends.

Kristian is reserved.

We had to do as they said.

We prayed that our children would forgive us.

The more food you eat, the less we have to bring back. So eat as much as you want!

Lloyd doesn't get much time off.

There are a few hotels on Park Street.

Dawn didn't have to tell me this, but he did.

Great work, guys.

This has been a good day, right?

Do want to come inside?

On Saturdays, we usually visit in this park.

I don't blame Joe for his decision.

He was bought up by his strong willed sister.

Eileen will pay for this.

The hour between night and dawn is called the hour of the wolf.

The garbage collector comes three times a week.

Tell Brender I'm ready.

No matter what happens, you must be here by nine.

I think Vaughn is lovable.


He's a bit rough around the edges.

I am really in the dark on this case.

Their happiness was rooted in their industry.

She said this.

Don't release that prisoner.

You have a lot to learn about business.

Eddy kicked the soccer ball.

I hope there is a resolution of this problem.

We have a right to live wherever we want to.

I took 2 semesters of conversational Arabic at the community college.

Your parents hate me.

What exactly would you like me to do?

Would you be able to do that?


The death of my grandmother was a great shock.

It is desirable that you should attend the meeting.

We got too close.

The solar energy technology is cost effective today.

She poured her sister a glass of water.

Do you by any chance like opera?

We'd like to exchange this jacket. It doesn't fit.


The meeting was long today.

It was a cold night.

Where are your people?


He was dating a woman almost as old as his mother.

Is this really all that important?

Give him the disk.

I'm fine, thanks for asking.

I'll loan you one if you want.


This diamond is not real.

We still don't know why Prakash didn't do what we asked him to do.

We've talked to Robin about that.

Jenny dances the samba.

Sehyo was subjected to persistent bullying and harassment at work.

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Don't be mad!

Maybe I threw it away.

I'm tired, that's all.


I thought Sharada would drop by and say hello.


The argument ended in a fight.

Josh didn't recognize the person sitting next to him.

Don't call us freaks.

We make a great couple.

The stars twinkling in the night sky looked like jewels.

Please don't hurt Emil.

Why do you want to hurt her?


I kind of doubt that that actually happened.

Agatha put his hand on his pregnant wife's belly.

Now I know that you're a man who has feelings.


There's a run in your stocking.

They may come back.

What led you to this conclusion?

Do you want me to try it?

That's not cool. That's hyper-cool!

Please don't make me eat that.

You need to talk to her.

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Tell Allen I'm going to drop by his house this afternoon.

Who's your favorite movie star?

Drew promised Vassos that he'd keep their engagement secret.

Trying was passionately in love with her.

We will stay here until Sunday.

We saw them do it.

I just got to the station. I'll be waiting for you at the library.

I cutting myself.

There's still so much left to do.


How hard could it be?

We ate some fried meat.

Many university faculty dislike the university president.

She's on holiday with a friend.

I just don't agree with her.

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I would like to, but I have a previous appointment.

You should have come yesterday.

They'll be more sensitive to the cold as they grow older.

The results were disappointing.

You should talk to us, too.


It feels really good.

Can I have some more tea?

I'm too scared to say anything.

Timo wasn't as handsome as Hillel said he was.

Kristian can dance better than Amos.


Would you guys be ready to?


What movie do you want to see?

Let's study the verbs and their respective patterns.

I gave them clothing and some food.


She writes a very good hand.


When the parents heard the news, they cheered up.

I'm fed up with fast food.

The popularity of the chupacabras has resulted in it being featured in several types of media.

Judith reached in his pocket and pulled out some change.

I am glad to have her company.

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We can't do it.