Isabelle obviously wants some privacy.

I hope you understand.

That's the best thing that could happen to me.

My father slept through the movie.

Lynne's helicopter crashed on the edge of the town.

Iron and oxygen are elements.

Jakob didn't know what to say, so he said nothing.

Our bodies respond to our feelings.


Which part of the tour are you doing?

It'll happen again if we don't correct it.

That method's OK but if you use the factor theorem here ...

Please don't blow your nose on the tablecloth.

I can't sleep if the lights are on.

He gave each of them a pencil.

Lois has been detained.

Can you keep Stuart there?

We're very proud of you.

Connie is a reporter.

Her outrage is completely justified.

Don't hesitate to ask questions if you don't understand.

Just talk with him.


Would you lend me some money?

I wrote it down.

What do you think of the idea of making a bus trip?

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The United States bleeds credit.

There's only one way to find out how to do that. Ask Anthony.

Melinda eats nothing but white meat.

That doesn't sound so bad.

As far as I know, your letter is under that book.

We've only been together three months.

I ain't no quitter.

Since I don't have the software to open the attached file, I can't open it. Please send it again in another format.

He was in the queue.

Man cannot be free if he does not know that he is subject to necessity, because his freedom is always won in his never wholly successful attempts to liberate himself from necessity.

I am playing the guitar now.

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Susanne just doesn't want to hear this.


Which seats do you like?


Paola is an imbecile.


I think I like it.


We must begin before five.

Clem speaks with Will every day.

Ro drove Moran all over the place.

The book Ilya wrote was never published.

How did you ever get Leonard to give you that painting?

Antony is an effective salesman.

This is the first time I've ever shaken with cold.

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He was punished all the same.

Byron can't read music, so he plays the piano by ear.

Per, there's something I want to give you.

I made it all up.

I need some soap.


She wanted to hug the tree.

She has a lot of work to do.

There's a chance Himawan will be there.

Arne, you're a genius!

Am I qualified?

Erick devoted his whole life to public service.

Having been informed that plywood is sufficient I will be making it as taught with plywood.


Knock before entering the bathroom.

The reputation of those musicians is not the best.

Erwin messed with the wrong guy.

I can only discuss it with him.

Would it be better to start early?

I think it's important to keep promises.

I was tempted to skip class and go home early.

He is a rogue.

There are many cute children in the world.

John should be here any minute now.

The governor took the money out of a slush fund.


The stimulus package was heavily criticised.


Ill news comes apace.

Your father is a gorilla.

I eat to live.

How do you like your eggs?

I feel like a walk. Wanna come along?

"Do you have anything to do?" "No, not really."

I apologize for it.

Take Ninja somewhere.

He repeated the price to him.

It was very cold, but I went out.

How should we educate our sons?

His speech captured our attention.

Lewis has just hung up the phone.

Luis will be staying with us for the next three weeks.

He drank the beer in one gulp.

People think completely differently when they're standing and when they're sitting.

Sjaak left the building and walked down the street.


Why should Kathryn say anything?

It is mine.

We have other things to do.

I don't remember the combination.

Isn't this Central Driving School?

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Glen could tell that Ram didn't enjoy the concert.

"Is he alive or dead?" "He's dead."

He tricked me into thinking that his favorite color is beige.

Just do what you're told.

It looks like it'll be clearing up.


I haven't seen her since I was a child.

The suspect was told not to leave town.

I'll stand by you whatever happens.


Why aren't you sitting?

And why, pray tell, did you think I would agree to that?

My kids bought me this.


Real men drink tea.

I am not sure if I can do that but I will at least try.

A laptop is better than a desktop.

I'm sorry, this isn't for sale.

We are anxious about her safety.


He can read and write English as well.

I'll ask him to wait.

He has impeccable manners, which means you can never be sure what he actually thinks!

I would've liked that.

Sonny knew that Anatoly couldn't be trusted.

I've done some terrible things in my life.

Come and join us.

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What did you do in Boston while you were there?


Hank has already gone.

How is your family doing?

Tell them I won't allow Sanjay to leave the country.

Experience is the best teacher.

My legs are fine.

That play was an immense success.

I'll get dinner started.

Pratapwant probably thought I didn't have a driver's license.

It is sometimes acceptable to resort to violence.


I'm not a snob.


Mario fell off the ladder when he was cleaning out his gutters.

Leif went back to Boston.

I'm unable to translate this sentence.

Jason was caught in the rain and ruined his new suit.

Sally has a cousin named Jared.

Hi, Father.

Moses and Jitendra were sitting on the couch together.

The tall man came out of the house.

The door is sometimes open.

Don't fret about it.

She looked me angrily in the face.


That cloud looks like a rabbit to me.

They stole my lover and all the colors of happiness.

I shouldn't have bought so much.


That was a long time ago.

Guy wanted to quit practicing law.

I miss you too!

You're learning Irish.

What would you do in his position?

They bake a delicious pizza.

There are many cockroaches in the kitchen.


Sho died Monday.

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She's going to be in charge.

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I'm interested in helping Harold.

I'm very happy for Son.

I'm looking forward to seeing your father.

You really don't have the right priorities!

Can I borrow your laptop?

We need to make it clear what we aren't willing to do.

She put her knitting aside and stood up.

I hope I sing better next time.

I am packing up my things.


I know sign language.

That city is famous for its music industry.

After the demise of Stalin, Korolev gained the support of the new leader, Nikita Khrushchev.

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Did you save money by shopping there?

The surface of Mars has not only been affected by meteorite impacts, but also by volcanic and tectonic activity.

I remember writing to Werner.

Where was Hon imprisoned?

Could you give me some help here?

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It can happen here.

The front door of the house was open.

My hobby is playing the piano.