That would solve the problem, wouldn't it?

His wife was mad.

They can't make up their mind.

Walt needs to go away.

Ima handed the bowl of buttered popcorn to John.

Meehan wouldn't want that.

The email address you entered is already in use.

The students sat quiet all the time.

I'm so grateful to you for this opportunity.

You don't know how right you are.

You didn't have any choice.

We hope it rains today.

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Take wisdom from the mouths of crazy people.

Did Lowell laugh?

This kind of thing usually takes a long time.


I don't want to have a baby, ever.

The doctor told me that I should eat less.

Capitalism tends to erode the moral foundations on which it was built.

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I met him totally unexpectedly.

Mosur didn't want me to tell you this, but he's still dating Cathryn.

The prisoners were treated with monstrous cruelty.

Do you think we should send for the doctor?

Not every truth is fit to be told.

Manjeri gave Judith a gift certificate on her birthday.

The pale face troubled me a little.

I'm sure it'll be easy.

Try to come early.


I have to take the entrance exams next year.


She was in tears.

Truth or lie? It depends on the advertising.

Is it true that in England, the queen reigns, but does not govern?


Ed isn't accustomed to walking barefooted.


You don't owe them anything.

Nowadays it is impossible to protect oneself against weapons of mass destruction.

Hold on to me.

We'll start whenever you're ready.

He leaves for China tomorrow.

I have to fire him.

The English are a hardy people.

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Why is it so hard for you to be nice to your little brother?


Good old Descartes thought so much that ... he was.

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Well, you know what they say.

Won't somebody please help me?

This isn't the way to do it.


How many pictures are there in this album?

He knows neither of his two brothers.

What's the airmail rate?

What makes you think Andre did that?

He struck a match, but quickly put it out.

My words angered her.

Originally, he didn't believe it at all.


I don't need a tutor!


Douglas never lies to Kay.

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Exercise trains the muscles.


If I have time, I'll drop in.


I would like to report a theft.

Stop acting like a spoiled child.

I'm not a coward, but I'm not stupid either.

Do I look like I'm happy?

You won't find another deal like this one.


We had an examination yesterday.

You're being watched.

What's your favorite way to cook trout?

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I sure wish I could remember what Janice told me.

What happened here was a mistake.

Edmond was present at the meeting.

It'll take a little time to get used to wearing glasses.

Every member but me believes what he says.

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How much of this did you write?


The picture is in black and white.


They don't know my name.

His business has begun to thrive at last.

Tell him to show up.


Roxanne isn't as good-looking as his brother.

My doctor has advised me to stop taking this medicine.

Slaves were considered property.

Valid all day, in all zones.

You're out of here.

Those countries have maintained peace for twenty years.

The cat is clawing Rafik.

It is springtime.

I have nothing in particular to say about this problem.

Loukas went through the file.

Football was played in China in the second century.

Kolkka handed the note to Bert.

He was born in Ohio.

Dori seems to be a bit more shaken than Giles.

Their friendship moved us deeply.

I am by no means absent from this class because I am lazy.

She accused me of stealing her money.

He is planning to launch his business.

Robin Hood loves Marian.

Who's being punished?

Renu seems preoccupied.

A burglar broke into the bank last night.

I only travel first class.

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I had trouble with this question.

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I felt something was wrong.


Is this jacket right for me?

I felt it my duty to do so.

We must pay the tax.

How many times do I have to tell to do your homework?

He is curious about everything.

Sometimes the boys would play a joke on the teacher.

The daily newspaper brings the world's problems to the breakfast table.

You are embarrassing.

In the morning, Vasilissa dug a deep hole in the ground and buried the skull.

Tell me this is going to work.

Can I make a couple of suggestions?

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You're having a pretty good time, aren't you?

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Renu is blushing.

No man is without his faults.

Someone important to society has passed away.


I'd gladly pay more for something if it's of high quality.

Father bought me a new bike.

I have a strained back.

You can go anywhere you want.

Cape Verde is called "Cabo Verde" in Portuguese.

Marsh has two jobs.

It's simple, but beautiful.


I second the motion.


We're not at war with them.


Bruno might not want to go with us.

I believe I'm still a friend of Suyog's.

Skef doesn't have as much free time as I do.

I had a strange dream last night.

Their views vary on the subject.

He is the essence of kindness.

Jacobson and his wife seem to get along well.

I took a dislike to Christie from day one.

The place was completely empty.

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She's divorced.

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Shoveling snow is hard work.

I'd like to eat.

It is always the case with him.

This is grass-fed organic beef.

You said I could talk to them.

Do you want to call Michiel or do you want me to?

How tall is Claude?

I've been feeling sick for the last three days.

Gregg is very creative.

This is the beginning of a new era.

Sometimes really bad things happen.


The snow has finally melted.

You just now noticed this?

The meal will be ready in a half hour.


I remember hearing this tune before.

He's smart and ambitious.

I'm trying to protect Ramiro.

Michiel anxiously hurried away.

We've come a long way since then.

I hope the weather will hold for another day.

I had a dog when I was a kid.

My little brother and I are the same height.

Brodie is upstairs practicing his saxophone now.

I like spending time with you.

Japanese eat more than just Japanese cuisine.

You work too much. Have a break!

Who else do you know here?

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Win was very worried.

She was in the shop.

My friend is a great guy but he is so shy. You can't imagine how difficult it is for him to start a conversation with a stranger.


I didn't say a thing.