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At we are dedicated to bringing single men and single women together, to find that perfect union and fall in love. Our members are just like you, tired of searching far and long to form a lasting relationship. Hundreds of thousands of serious singles in your area are creating profiles and looking for their match right now. Stop wasting hours at a local coffee shop looking desperate to meet someone. Here at you will find people with a common interest, we make it as easy as one, two, three.


Jake and Tania

Jake and I knew each other from high school. We both moved away for college and lost contact for many years. Seeing him on a dating site brought back so many great memories, I'm so happy to have him back in my life.


Long distance

Tamara and Robert

When we first started talking and exchanging emails, I was amazed at how much we have in common. When we first spoke on the phone I knew she was the one and we were married the past spring.

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Maria and Ivan

When I first met Maria I was automatically drawn to her. We went out for a year and now are happily married and awaiting our first child. Thank you .


Over 50

Bob and Alice

After 50, finding a companion definitely presents a greater challenge. Many people stop looking by that point in their life, but let me give a few words of encouragement; Thanks to communities like Perfect Union Dating, it is possible to find your companion after 50! Thank you!


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At we are serious about commitment and pride ourselves in our successful relationships. Find your love today, join now!

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Connect With Women

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Dating Tips

  • Why Online Date? So how was your Valentine's Day? Spend it alone again? Did you stare at your TV and wonder why you aren't dining by candlelight and eating chocolate? It's fine. I won't tell anybody. The fact is...
  • What Men Never Tell You While our male counterparts can confuse the heck out of us Dignity Daters, sometimes they can be the best when it comes to dishing out dating advice.


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  • 202-556-6391 Around one-third of American marriages now begin online. And those marriages are less likely to break down and are associated with slightly higher marital satisfaction rates
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Relationship Pet Peeves

Let's face it- NO relationship is perfect. No matter how much you love each other and no matter how many things you have in common and agree on, there is always going to be something that one person will do to bother or annoy the pet peevesother. This has nothing to do with love, but more based on the fact that when two individuals merge their lives together, there are bound to be times when they will clash. 2489499682