The pain will wear off.

We should try to think of something new to do.

Seal the room.

I didn't see Soohong again till I got back to Boston.

Try to find out if everything he said is true.

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How much money do you think Pieter needs?

Don't you like my yellow scarf?

We're very curious about that.

Joni has some time, but probably not a lot.

Dan had some problems sleeping.

This rope is 200 yen a meter.

No one was really surprised.


I don't know what to do tomorrow.

The cat's already out of the bag.

Tell me where she is.

Alain will never go back to Boston.

Clifford died of old age.

Watch Tran carefully. He's dangerous.

During the exam, Ray cheated off Meeks.

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I never really was on your side.

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It was you that suggested seeing that movie.

The police officer asked me what my name was.

Pitawas quite often drives too fast.


It seemed that there was no one in the village.


My parents were proud of me.

I must tell Hubert that.

Mitch didn't ask me to do anything.

Was there ever any doubt?

Right at that instant, the bus stopped.

If I had had more money, I would have bought the pen.

I have nowhere to stay.

He tried many different methods.

I forgot to tell Elliot about the picnic.

All right, what's going on here?

I feel like I am being forced to help her.

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Shit stinks.

I know that he knows.

There being no taxis, I had to walk.

I think your French has improved a lot.

She was brought up by her grandfather.

It was convincing.

I've spent too much time working on this.

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Are you going by air or by train?

You don't want to know.

I am not a dwarf. I am of short stature.


Make sure you spill all your food and act inappropriately, so it seems like I'm there!

We've had problems in the past but we've dealt with them and we haven't argued since.

I don't completely agree with you.

How late is the bank open?

Joon promised to meet me there.


I'm going to come back for you.


There was a bite in his remark.

The boss made them work day and night.

It's very important for people to practice sports for free.


She was disqualified from the race for two false starts.

I figured that much out for myself.

Laurie is a very hardworking student.


The magnitude of the lift depends on several factors including the shape, size, and velocity of the aircraft.

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Will that be hard for you?


Jussi became a drug addict.

You could stay.

We've run into a little bit of a problem.

We don't need to talk to him.

Can I find you on Facebook?

Since 2006 Montenegro is an independent state again.

I can't believe we're doing this.

The boy's plan was to study medicine and return to Saint Croix as a doctor.

You will speak Swedish.

He was an utter stranger.

Would you be so kind as to post my letter?

Srinivas couldn't handle the pain.

Stop being fucking retarded!

As a result, he was diagnosed with insomnia and anxiety neurosis near the end of May.

Would you talk to Tammy for me?

The trouble with him is that he is lazy.

Ning is very good at swimming.

We'll land at Narita Airport at 7:00 a.m.

Do people ever accuse you of being obnoxious?


I've decided not to sue him.

Archie hardly ever makes a mistake.

Can you tell the difference?

You're not allowed to swim here.

It couldn't hurt.

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The quality is good enough and more importantly it's in your price range.

That's just a start.

He has led a loose life since then.

These animals are on the verge of extinction.

Are you doing anything in particular tonight?

I don't speak Lojban.

Vadim was the one who taught me how to play the guitar.

The blade of my knife is very sharp.

She's faking sleep. That's why she's not snoring.

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Suddenly, Hiroko burst into tears.

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I don't need a babysitter.

Dan was still alive.

My hand's getting too cold.

Philip is working hard today.

Dolores has four sisters.

I feel the need for a little exercise.

Something was wrong with them.

Some of these apples are bad.

Our company selected this office suite.

My dogs are white.

She would by no means tell a lie.

It wasn't just me.

Clouds were floating in the sky.

Let's have a closer look at this.

Seymour no longer lives here.

I'm a jack of all trades, a real triple threat. They'll try to stop me, but I'll be rising up the ranks in no time.

I've already paid for the first lesson.

We can't protect her.

The shock robbed her of speech for a moment.


Alison's phone is huge.

Lila laughed loudly and inappropriately.

Vick sat silently for 30 minutes.

Should I have asked your permission?

Are you in a rush?


Tyler didn't know where to look.

Pardon me?

I need to talk to you later.

They're married now.

See that my children behave well at school.


Literature teaches us about humanity.


This smells like cheese.

See you tonight.

The weather report for tomorrow forecasts 12 degrees Celsius at most.

Jacob plays the xylophone better than Lowell does.

Why don't you correct them?


It's not the first time that Damon has dated two girls at the same time.

I'll find a way to get a raise.

Why is it important to save money?


I want a second helping.


You're very attractive.

Could you give me a wake-up call at seven?

I thought you said I could count on you.

I think you know who I'm talking about.

I hope you found something in the end.

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In 1807, Robert Morrison, the first British Protestant missionary to China arrived in Guangzhou.


Is this all they do?

They are exhausted.

He is a serious, hardworking, motivated, grown-up and open-minded person.


Why are you dressing the kids?


You are incredibly naive!

Where does Niels want you to go?

She is poisoned.

I don't know what I'd do if that happened to me.

The new street is being built.

Of course there should be local hospitals.

I have an ingrown toenail that's bugging the shit out of me.

This is Mr. Smith.

I just think that this is happening too soon.

No one will find out.

You're a pleasure to work for.

Don't go above five rubles.

The picture window is too dirty to see through.

Are you flirting with her?

No-one invited her.

Is this going to cause us any problems?

You're a good role model, Naresh.

That's all I'm trying to do.

Do I need an operation?

Frugality with diligence builds houses like castles.

You can take it easy.


I need someone to hold me.

Joe is having some problems with his car.

The tigers escaped from the zoo.


The chicken is lean.