It was a pretty little house, strong and well-built.

Alastair decided to enter the competition.


Flying enables us go to London in a day.

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Feminists have no sense of humour.


Would you care to bet?

Blake never does anything unless I tell him to.

Our bad luck was temporary.

The purpose of a conclusion is to sum up the main points of the essay.

Galen can't really help us much.


They give out their reactionary cosmopolitanism as "internationalism", they try to cover up their fight against peace and democracy by pacifist and pseudo-democratic phrases.


We can't make people donate to charity.

Meeks and Toft are now asleep.

In the matter of boots, I refer to the authority of the bootmaker; concerning houses, canals, or railroads, I consult that of the architect or engineer.

I'm waiting to hear from them.

How did you get Frances to laugh?


Peace to his ashes!


Unfortunately, that's true.

Thank you for the delicious dessert. It complemented the dinner perfectly.

It was a flood of truly Biblical proportions.

You ought not to believe him.

I wanted you to like me.

Love doesn't forgive.

Our dorm's having heater problems.

What's your favorite Japanese word?

You won't enjoy it.

Dick tried to solve that problem, but he couldn't.


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Why is the police here?

How do you know how deep the lake is?

Mr. Thomas had no objection to Mr. White being elected chairman.

I thought the police were looking for Earl.

The factual world is often weirder than the fictional world.

Have you told Masanao you're here?

Ti made a poor impression.

The monkey wants a banana.

Can this wait until morning?

Honzo married a rich girl from Boston.

The dictator had the absolute loyalty of all his assistants.

Part isn't going to listen to me.

I never heard back from her.

Heat it up.

Jim put his hand up.


Do you accept tips?


Sorry, Jorge! I didn't see you!

Damon said that he was planning to eat the whole watermelon by himself.

I like to talk about love.

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Let's go outside and talk.

Kenton is quite articulate.

The bread landed on the floor upside down.

These drinks are a la carte.

He kept standing against a tree.

Brandon didn't poison anybody.

Are you all lost?


Nothing was found.

I have no idea where Stagger keeps his passport.

We'll make you get over your melancholy.


We are aware of the error and are working on a solution.

Stanislaw didn't know what Santa thought about it.

I can wait a little bit longer.

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The defense of the master thesis is just happening next month.

She's a good-looking woman.

I haven't been to Boston in a while.

How many times have I told you not to talk to Maurice?

For example, you don't need a personal seal to collect a parcel.

Per has a tendency to jump to conclusions.

There is an additional problem.

Why do you want to help the police?

Srinivasan didn't belong here anyway.

The cat was not impressed.

This house is mine, not yours.

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We are not made for each other.


His company did cheaply produced pornography and schlock films.

It seems that the pills I took earlier were effective.

Raanan doesn't like any kind of music.

I'm sure you'll have a good time at Joyce's party.

I'm pretty good at French, I think.

Staying home isn't fun.

See you tomorrow morning!

Why did you kill my mother?

You're holding the book upside-down. This is upside-down and this is right-side up.

He must be a bookworm to read ten books every day.

Raif should go to bed now.

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The light travels at about 186,000 miles a second.

I want to go back to the park where we first met.

Elvis may be the boss someday.

Do you think you can handle a few minutes alone with Real?

She'll have a panini.


How do you know someone is a runner?

Is she still single?

You might want to buy one of those.


I don't believe you. You're always telling lies.


My family isn't such a big family.

The tree stopped growing.

How are the odds?


Why should I help her?

Don't expect everyone to like you.

I need a few minutes alone.


How was your trip to Australia?


When I feel fine, I go for a walk.


Lou tried to tell Claudio that he loved her.

I think Antony really enjoyed himself.

My father bought me the book.


I'm not strange.


I've got to be careful.

That was clever.

He is one of the original settlers. When he arrived, there were no buildings for miles around.

I've nothing to do today.

The girl caused her to get injured while skiing.

Brazil is a big country.

Is there anything good to eat in the refrigerator?


We need to buy her a present.

Have you guys seen Clarence?

Without the sun, life is impossible.

We'll go back to Boston together.

We were trying to help him.

He was forced to work part-time to study abroad.

I said it wasn't a very good idea.

He wasn't sure why he found her attractive.

I just can't do that.


I'll get this to him.

Alan asked Radek a lot of questions.

I've decided to stop eating meat.


You can move about in all directions of Space, but you cannot move about in Time.

I don't like sleeping alone.

Be careful not to wake them up.

This is a beneficial work.

I think we'll tag along.

Molly opened the door and looked inside.

Personally, I don't think Charley has a chance of winning.

I'd rather be a bird than a fish.

I want her to come with us.

Clara won't be long.

There was a suggestion of anger in his voice.

Unlike her mother, she is tall.

Strawberries are expensive in the winter.

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I take a bath every morning.


Mayuko is dancing to the music.

I'll give him a buzz.

I never spend a day without thinking of you.

Where did you damage them?

I'd like to rent a motorboat.

I don't think Sho and Lisa have anything in common.

I'm going into her house.

Sure. What can I do?

You really don't want to ask Alan that.


This drug company raised the price of a tablet from $13.50 to $750 overnight.

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Arnold is older than me.

The performance will begin at 8:00.

Do you know what that was all about?

We want to be strong.

She hates getting up early in the morning.

You need to get out of the house more often.

Mason is quite old.


Let's get ready for lunch.

We'll help you look for them.

He came to see me all the way from his hometown.

The more careful you are, the fewer mistakes you make.

I think it is important to tell him the facts.

I see that you've found your umbrella.

Moran and Tarmi are both helicopter pilots.


Gregor is actually a very good cook.

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I promised to leave Max alone.

Lynn walked toward the parking lot.

That's interesting, but beside the point.