That's what happens when you lend things to people.

There was no emergency.

Will has been giving Nicolas a hard time.

She didn't want to talk about it further.


Who shot her?

Thank you so much.

The casting of the statue was delayed.

Bored waiting or rushing off at full speed.

Leon didn't discuss the matter with Eduardo.

I have an assistant.

Please mail this letter for me at once.

Of course there should be local hospitals.

Jianyun was a tall slender young woman with dark hair.

Come into the room at once.

She talks about Paris as if she had been there many times.

He did not agree with it.

I couldn't live with myself if I ever hurt you.

The city dedicated a monument in honor of the general.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Do you want to bet on that?

Miriamne admitted that he was scared.


My sister got engaged.

You play tennis well.

I thought I'd wear a tie.

Is it accessible?

Look at my eyes.

I'll get Molly's home address.

Wish you a nice weekend!

Did you buy a gun?

I need you to tell me when you plan to arrive.


What I don't take, another will - the world has always been that way.

The monster of antisemitism is still among us.

Kelly has an eye for good English.


You should go home. It's getting late.

You have only three options.

They are going to give a party the day after tomorrow.

I thought we had settled this.

Look, it's a save point! You know you want it!

It was all a big lie.

I'd be happy to have you along.


The friends kissed each other on the cheek.

They can conquer their fear.

I looked around, but saw nobody.


The patient fainted at the sight of blood.

You're wrong about that.

Ahmed is the one with red hair.


I'll be there. However, I might be late.

I'm here to protect him.

You're silly.

She's been dropping some not-so-subtle hints about what she would like for Christmas.

Pam is older than Real's father.

God bless Germans!

We followed the tracks left by the deer.

How many temples are there on this island?

Could you keep this luggage until 3 p.m.?

Paparazzi thronged both sides of the red carpet.

We started at six.

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You must not get away from reality.

Trying to save his failing business is what's keeping him up at night.

I'll eat a hundred-year egg.


Craig is a lifeguard.

Lucy can't use chopsticks.

My car broke down on the way here.

I know somebody needs me.

Improved medical technology has been one of the spin-offs of the space program.

But while we will never know fully what causes somebody to take the life of another, we do know what makes life worth living. [...] Our time here is limited and it is precious.

Everyone turned to look at them.


I was thinking about something else.

Meg's hair curls naturally.

My cat is thrilled with joy when she gets fish for dinner.

How was it today?

Now's not the time.

It is not proper that you talk that way.

Srivatsan reluctantly went.

Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

What have you told Daniel?


When we kissed, it felt as if time was standing still.

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You've hit the nail on the head!


Curtis has brown hair and blue eyes.

Antonio unlocked the cage.

Jonathan Swift would defend me.

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No one wants to fail. Everyone wants to succeed.

They're the police.

Betsy has come all the way from Boston to be with us today.

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I have no choice but to go.

The dog barked upon my arriving.

All my haste was in vain.

I knew what they did to him.

The frog came out of the water.

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I think that it's going to rain soon.

He's so thin that he looks like a skeleton.

His uncle appeared rich.

I've never considered that.

Daikon might be more expensive than the carrots.

I thought you said Beverly had no facial hair.

There was a piano in the room, but no one was playing it.

She gathered her children about her.

This is what Gunter does for a living.


I doubt whether he will win both races.


It reminds me of a certain someone...

I wish that I had never sent this e-mail.

You'll love them.

Make four mini-dialogs with the phrases in the list.

We're not millionaires.

I would never have believed that such a thing could ever happen to me.

Jenny dances the samba.


I apologize.

I'm deaf and mute while I'm eating.

Lievaart and Jacob have trouble getting along.

She looks so grand.

Glory to Ukraine!


Vaughn cleaned his room last weekend.

Sonny didn't quite understand what was going on.

Allen stole a police car.

I should've told him the truth.

I told you this was going to be boring.

Centuries ago, people started fires using flint and steel.

Bruno never was greedy.

She's eating fruit and bread.

"How much wine did you buy?" "Half a bottle."


When I tried to explain my reasons he simply became even angrier.


You don't get owt for nowt.

I am dating my cram school teacher.

Please play it back for me after you've finished the recording.

If voting changed anything, they'd abolish it.

Still others simply travel around America in recreational vehicles, seeing parts of the country they had been too busy to see before.

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You won't believe what I found.

Let's end this.

Brodie opened the back door to let the dog out.

I haven't talked to anyone.

We'll go there again.


Is it safe to eat food that has dropped on the floor?

Even if it rains, he'll play golf.

The president's off-the-cuff remarks have gotten him into hot water.

Po died a few years later.

Nobody can compete with that.

There wasn't any book on the desk.

Who do you think Gigi will suggest?

The rock rolled down the hill.

Who's in charge?

I play soccer.

Dick was involved in a traffic accident.


It's hard to believe that there are still those who believe that.

I'd like to watch that movie again.

I wish I'd brought some snacks.

I was told that we have until 2:30.

The bullet train we were on pulled out at 12 sharp.

She was impressed by his skills.

I just wanted to give him some advice, but in the end I made him angry.

Kit shouldn't have won the race.

My uncle's company launched a new product last month.


He asked me my age, my name, my address, and so forth.

You never know where you will be lucky.

The army is protecting the border between France and Spain.

The guests wished the happy couple a long and prosperous life.

My mother was up late last night.

This rule holds good at all times.

I can't run as fast.

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If he doesn't drink, he will die.

A fire broke out near my house.

Archie will forgive Sharon.

If there's some way to enjoy studying, could you teach me how?

Kaj withdrew some money from the bank.

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It's quite painless.

Nobody here ordered a pizza.

Alan should've told us about this.

Nobody knows what has become of Yamada.

Food works on our health.


Most students walk to school.

His shoes are wearing thin.

Don't take your eyes off Murray.