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May 31, 2002 - Moved in and settled

We are settled in at the new house -- which is why updates have been sparse until now. Trinity is pretty well on her way to using the potty rather than diapers and does she talk now!

March 2, 2002 - Finally an update!

Well, things have been so busy with work and trying to find a house that updating this page has been impossible. However, there are now pix up from last august through just a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy!

Jul 28 - Trip to Hershey Park

It's been a while since I had time to post some pictures, but we went to Hershey Park yesterday. This was Trinity's first trip to an ammusement part and so some pictures just HAD to go up.

Jun 27 - Re-established on the East coast

Well, we have made our cross-country pilgrimage and now live within two hours' drive of lots of family. There are some pictures of the trip and more from the east coast will soon follow.

May 16 - Getting ready to move across country

I caught a picture of Trinity in front of the moving sign for our move to the east coast (planned in just a few weeks). She seems kind of excited about the move and it'll get her (and me) closer to LOTS of family.

Feb 4 - Trinity has her own slide!

Trinity has her own indoor slide. Go check it out in her 17th month pix.

We had a bit of a scare a few weeks ago when Trinity had a fever of about 105F, but she seems to have completely recovered. Mom, however, is now 5 years older.

Oct 27 - First halloween approaching

Well, in the last month or so, Trinity has fed herself with a spoon, managed to find a way around every method we have been able to devise to keep her in one part of the house, and learned to climb out of her crib! Making sure she doesn't hurt herself is becoming harder and harder. :)

We also took Trinity pumpkin hunting and she decided on one and picked it out herself. She definitely seemed to enjoy walking around the pumpkins. We'll soon see how she likes halloween. :)

Sep 12 - First Road Trip

Trinity took her first "road trip" this weekend with Courtney, Mom and friend, John. We all took the three hour drive to Harris Ranch to buy some beef AND have a wonderful lunch. Next time we plan to fly. Check out the latest pics on the 10 - 12 page!

Aug 20 - 1 YEAR OLD!

Trinity is one year old today. Check out the latest pictures on the 10 - 12 month page. Hopefully we'll get some good pictures of her today. I need to spend more time on taking some and getting them up here now that the "crunch time" at work is over.

May 28 - More pix, and a wellness check

Well, Mom had a trip to Montana and Trin has been a handful, but we finally got some new pictures up. Check out the 7 - 9 month page.

Also, Trin just had her 9 month checkup and the doctor says that she's doing just great! She's now allowed to eat just about everything that we do, but she still needs it mashed until more teeth come in

Apr 8 - Trin's Teething

Trin has the first signs of a tooth appearing on her lower gums - just to the right of center. She doesn't appear to be in much teething pain and I can only hope that it stays that way.

She's also at the point of almost standing on her own. She's been able to get to a standing position for some time by grabbing onto things and pulling herself up. But now she lets go, wobbles for about a second and then falls - she's definitely trying to stand on her own. And, of course, she'll get the hang of it soon.

Mar 14 - Trin is sick :(

Well, I knew it would happen sooner or later. Trin has a cold. I'm pretty happy that she went this long without any type of illness at all.

She's mostly got just a stuffy nose, but what makes it really tough is that she uses sucking her thumb as her way of going to sleep. Now, she tries to suck her thumb and has to stop to breathe (since her nose is blocked) and she knows no other way of going to sleep. So, she just cries until she finally fades off to sleep. Hopefully she'll get better soon.

Mar 9 - The Video

This is sooooo cool. Check out the Trin video. This requires realplayer to view, but I think the WMP might work as well

Feb 27 - New Pix & 6 month checkup

Well, I just got some new 6 month pictures on-line. Also, Trin recently saw her doctor for her 6 month checkup and her (ouch, scream) shots. He says she's doing fine and, in fact, she has just started eating "solid" foods. She seems to enjoy the bottle more, but feeding is now a much more "active" process. :)

Jan 30 - Baptism Planned

Not lotsa news today but, since I added a few new pictures, I should give the latest news. I had a meeting with a priest in my local parish and I am planning Trin's baptism -- yeah, it's a little later than most. I was really busy, but finally made a POINT to go out and do this.

Anyhow, go and check the new pix. I think the last one is kinda cute -- and, honest, we did *not* put her hands there -- she saw what Courtney was doing and reached out herself! :)

Jan 26 - Roll Over Trinity

Well, she has now started rolling over on her own -- which of course means that she must be watched that much more closely when she's laying on the floor. She's now getting REALLY close to crawling and she can actually stand up with just someone to hold onto for balance. It's just really wonderful to see her progressing like this!

Don't forget to go check out the latest pictures!

Dec 25 - First Christmas

This is Trinity's first Christmas and she did seem to enjoy it. I did manage to get her to see Santa before Christmas (though it was on the 23rd, so it was kinda close). She wasn't very excited about it, but she didn't get very upset like children sometimes do.

She's now (as of the 20th) 4 months old and has been to the doctor for her second set of vaccination shots. She took them a bit better this time but still screamed pretty loudly (just not as long).

Again, there are a few more pictures up -- including one with Santa. Since she's getting older there would end up being too many pages to have one per month, so I've rearranged the pictures a bit. I think it'll be pretty easy to figure out.

Dec 9 - First Serious Scare

Well, this past Friday I had my first real scare with Trin. At feeding time on Friday night, I noticed two of her toes red and quite swollen. Courtney and I rushed her to a nearby hospital.

Turns out that she had a hair (probably mine) wrapped around two of her toes and it had been cutting into them like a piece of fishing line might do on an adult. I was astounded -- I'd never heard of anything like this. The Doctor said that it was unusual but not unheard of. Turns out that it could have caused the loss of her toes, but we caught it in time.

I honestly always did have sympathy for the worry that mothers go through with children (especially my mother with me) but it's quite a different feeling when you actually experience it for yourself. And I know that this is just the first of many.

I have finally added some pictures for her fourt month. Through no intent of my own, a lot of these pictures have me in them. This is supposed to be her website, so I'll be more careful next time. :) Also, I'm working on the possibility of getting some "Sounds of Trinity" up here soon so that, in addition to seeing what she looks like, you can hear what she sounds like.

Nov 13 - More personality

Trinity is clearly starting to develop more and more personality. She laughs more and makes lots of different noises now. She is especially animated in the morning when she is just so excited.

She is also consistantly sleeping through the night. This of course has the side effect that she is up almost all day -- which makes it difficult to take her to work. But, it does make it easier for all in the house to get a full night's sleep.

I have just added four more pictures to her third month page.

Oct 29 - First Vaccinations

Trinity just got her first vaccinations. Now I know what she sounds like when she really screams. But she's doing well. She's now up to 11-1/2 lbs and 23". Slightly above average weight and dead on average height/length. I also have the first pictures for her third month.

Oct 10 - Trinity is smiling!

Well, Trinity has started smiling when people play with her. It certaintly gets her a lot more attention when people get that "positive feedback". Anyhow, I just added three more pictures to her second month pictures page. They're very similar to each other, but I've had so many people ask for more pictures, I decided to put all three up.

Sep 24 - Into her second month

Trinity is now one month old... Well, as of today five weeks, in fact. She passed her one month physical with flying colors. She's now 9 lbs, 10 oz and 21-3/4 in. - that's up from 8 lbs and 20 in at birth. Next month she gets her first shots.

I added a second month pictures page. Only three pix so far, but you know I'll be adding more soon. Keep checking back...

Sep 7 - Getting routine

Well, things are kind of getting into a routine. Now it's time for a disruption in that routine already. My roomie is going on several business trips during the next few weeks - she will only be home on the weekend. If you've been waiting to come by and visit, these next few weeks may be a good time because I will most certaintly welcome the presence of adult company.

Funny, Courtney always used to look upon these business trips as very annoying. Now she says that these few are going to almost be like a vacation. :) But, if so, she DOES deserve to get a few weeks of decent sleep. She has been wonderful - helping me out with Trinity as well as, of course, still working at her normal job every day.

Anyhow, everytime I update this page, I try to add something for everyone to *look* at. I just added the "footprint birth announcement" further down the page (where *I* announced her birth). Click on it to get a better image of it.

Sep 1 - Sleepless nights

Well, as I was warned, the nights are quite sleepless. Trinity seems to be a night owl with an affinity for loud parties (aka screaming) in the wee hours of the morning - like 3 to 7 AM. But, this was all part of the deal that I signed up for and Courtney is being a tremendous help.

I also just added 3 more pictures first month pictures page. There's not much more exciting in terms of pictures since she doesn't do much yet. At this age she doesn't even really know how to smile yet. As soon as she does, though, you can bet that I'll have more pictures.

Aug 29 - Medical checkup & a few new pix

Trinity's "two day checkup", so called because it was two days after our release from the hospital, went quite well. She weighed in at 7 lbs, 9 oz - 6 oz below her birth weight. They said that this is actually less than a typical loss and that they wouldn't have been worried unless she was down to 7 lbs, 2 oz. So, apparently I'm feeding her properly and all that stuff.

I also just added 3 pictures on the first month pictures page. I'll probably be adding more each week or so. Keep checking back if you want to see more. I know she'll hate me for this some day, but I have a digital camera and a new baby - how could anyone not go crazy with pictures? :)


Aug 20 - Trinity has arrived!!

Trinity was born on Aug 20th, 1999 at 8:15 AM. Birth weight was 8 lbs (7lbs, 15.7 oz) and length was 21 inches. I spent the night in the hospital with her by my side. She had, what turned out to be, a minor problem at 5 AM on Saturday (it didn't feel like a minor problem to me at the time - but, after all, she *is* my daughter).

She and I left the hospital at approximately 2 PM on the 21st and arrived at home at 5 PM. I have been busy, and so, just now (10 AM on the 22nd) is the first chance I had to update the page.

Anyhow, rather than tell you how adorable she is and go on about that (like a typical mother, I suppose), I'll just point you to the first month pictures page.

Aug 18 - Hmmm... something?

Well, it's 10:50 PM on Wednesday and a visit to the hospital will soon determine if it is time or not. I'll complete this entry soon...

11:30 PM - Well, it turns out it was a false alarm. Not time yet. There's often a few of these before a birth, so I'm not going to worry too much (I didn't say I'm not going to worry - THAT would be impossible). Looks like Aug 18th will NOT be her birthday.

If she comes tomorrow, she'll have the same birthday as her uncle. Maybe she's holding out for that.

Aug 16 - Trinity is Late :(

Well, as of today, Monday Aug 16th, 1999, Trinity is technically late. She was due to arrive yesterday but apparently she's being stubborn (like her mother, some say) and doesn't want to come and face the world.

Hopefully she will, in fact, arrive soon and I will quickly have news and some pictures up on this site - after I take some time and calm down. Things have been pretty tense for me (just waiting, nothing else) since Friday.

Aug 4 - More Ultrasound Pix

I just managed to get the rest of the ultrasound pictures scanned and on-line. There's enough that I decided to make a seperate page for them.

Some of the scans are not that great and, in the interests of not taking TOO long to load and fitting on most screens, I have shrunk them a bit. However, I think they are still quite revealing. In fact, one of these pictures is what revealed the fact that she is a girl. I have to admit that I was hoping for a girl...

Regardless, I know most of you will want to see them, so go to the 347-339-6239 to see them all.

Aug 2 - Name the Baby

To those of you who voted, thank you for helping me "name the baby girl." Although I did NOT end up picking the winning name, I did use the voting to favor some names as opposed to others. I did pick one that was in third place as her first name and one that was tied for first place as her middle name - so you can see the strong influence of the voting. Again, thanks for participating. It was a really fun thing to do.

So, since I am sure that many of you are curious, I will inform you without further suspense that her name will be:

Trinity Laura Corsetti

I must admit that I was somewhat influenced by thinking about what her initials would be and, of course, by the input of some conversations with my close friends.

Of course, there is also the possibility that the ultrasound was wrong and I may have to come up with a boy's name quickly, but I do have a few in mind and I can still take at least a FEW minutes to decide, right? :)

By the way, if you want to see the final results of the voting, click here.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to email me at and let me know.

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