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We find, meet and build relationships with great software developers. We connect the best developers with top notch development teams. Blue Coding offers developer recruiting and staffing services, depending on your team’s needs. Over the past 3 years we have been able to place software developers in dozens of companies with many of them becoming permanent members of their teams. Our developers work directly as part of our clients' teams while we provide support as needed and make sure work flows smoothly. We have worked with developers in web (PHP, Wordpress, .NET, Ruby on Rails, Node, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Sass) and mobile technologies (Android and iOS).

Web Developers

HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Ruby, .NET, Javascript, Java, Python & others

Mobile Developers

Android & iOS


Graphic and UI/UX designers for mobile and web platforms

Q.A. & P.M.

Quality assurance & project management specialists

Where we find talent

At Blue Coding we have embraced remote work as a way to access top talent. Most of our developers are based in Latin America, allowing them to work during the same business hours as the rest of their teams. All of our developers are fluent in English and have experience working with US based teams.


Some of the benefits of working with our developers are:

  • Same time zone as our clients
  • Same work culture, cuts down on communication issues
  • Lower rates compared to US based developers: $30 to $60 per hour

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Our vetting process

To ensure that we can provide top developers to our clients we have a thorough vetting process. Our vetting process is designed to evaluate both personality traits and technical skills that strong developers should have. We make a great effort to ensure that our evaluation process is meaningful and that we are testing out the skills and knowledge that the developers will need on the job. The process has three main steps:


Initial interview

In our first interview we look to get to know the developers, their background and work experience, evaluate their communication skills and English level. We want to make sure the candidate is someone we would like to have on our team. It is conducted by a member of our HR team.


General Tech Interview

One of our senior developers will be interviewing the candidate and asking him technical questions about the technologies and projects he has worked with. We will also do live coding excersises where we evaluate the developers knowledge of a variety of general computer science and software engineering topics.


Specialized tech interview

Finally, we evaluate the candidates skills and knowledge in the technologies and languages that they are specialized in and will be using on the job. This interview is conducted by an experienced developer with the same skillset, and it includes open questions, discussions, coding excersises and sometimes mini-projects.

Some of our developers

Randall V.
Ruby on Rails, Laravel, Wordpress
Jese R.
AngularJS, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3
Henrique T.
Ruby on Rails, C++, J2EE

Hire a developer

Hiring a developer with Blue Coding is easy, this is how it works:

1. Tell us about your project

We start with a discovery process where we have conversations with key members on your team. We look to identify whether adding a developer will help improve your development process and what qualities and skills are important to your team. Based on our conversation we create an ideal candidate profile.

2. We find the right developers

After our discovery process we will begin to identify potential developers to join your team. We will look through our database of developers, considering first those that we have worked with in the past. All of our developers will go through our vetting process to ensure a good fit for your projects.

3. Meet the developers

When we have the right developer we will present you with a profile that includes a brief on the candidates work, previous projects and development experience. We then arrange an intro call with your team so that you can meet the developer and you can get to know each other.

4. Start working

Once you have met a developer that you feel is a good fit for your team we simply need to set a start date. After we start working together we will check in regularly with your team and the developer to ensure that things are flowing smoothly and providing any type of support needed.

Our clients

Bluecoding has done a phenomenal job helping us grow our teams and expand our business. They are consistent, thorough and have a deep expertise in software development, which has made our talent recruiting top notch. The service they provide has allowed itr8group to be a lot more flexible in responding to customer needs."

- Rory Laitila. Founder at itr8group.

Some of our clients

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